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πŸ†πŸ‘ {Stay Holy And Get Disvirgined}πŸ‘’πŸ†

Episode 33

Nathan Davidson

I was about to shoot the bastard when a familiar voice disrupted my actions. “Brother??” My grip slowly released on the pistol I held and I turned back, with tears flowing out from my eyes.

I saw her! My kid sister, looking cute as ever.

“Amanda???” I called to confirm, as she nodded affirmatively, walking towards me as she pulled me into a warm hug, that

made me forget why I was here at the first place.

“Is this really you??” I asked again, still not believing that it was my sister who was presumed to be dead. “H.. How..? I thought you committed suicide”

“She sniffed, pulling out of the hug. ” I survived, I didn’t die.. Nathan, I’ll explain everything to you later, but right now, I need to tell you the reason why I was raped forcefully” The pathetic smile swayed out of my lips as I directed the gun to Xavier and Liana, who was amidst tears.

“Yes, Sister. I found the mother fuckers that ruined your life!” I screamed angrily as Amanda stood in front of me, blocking me from firing my shot at them.

“Nathaniel” She called my full name holding my chin with her two hands. “Look at me, He didn’t rape me deliberately. She caused it!” She yelled pointing at Jeanette who moved back , starring at us fearfully.


This Bitch!!.

I swear if all what my sister said is true, this Slut would have answer to me. No one treats my kid sister unfairly and go scott free.


Not under my watch…!!

“What’re you talking about??” Jeanette asked as Amanda scoffed sarcastically. “You!! Don’t you dare lie to me in the presence of my brother. The X. O. X. O guys might have done terrible things in the past, but you… You took everything from me, just because I refused to join your lesbian group!!!!” She yelled again as I gasped in shock directing the gun to Jeanette who shivered. Amanda took two steps towards her again. “You commanded those guys to gang rape me. They took turns, treated me like I was some garbage from the thrash. handled me brutally. I.. Saw the way you laughed victoriously, you bitch!!” She screeched as anger burned through my veins.

“You did all of that??!!”

“I….. Yes!! I did it, every fucking bit of it. I own this highschool. This is my territory okay?? I treat anyone, anyhow I want it and you know what Nathan??? I enjoyed the loud screams I heard from your sister. I fucking enjoyed hearing the sporadic sound…! You know why?? Because it gives me the vibe to have different types of hallucinations of screwing her to death!” Jeanette yelped shamelessly, laughing mockingly at me. My chest heaved up and down in ultimate disgust and anger as I pulled the trigger firing the shot at her chest. She gasped in pain, staying rooted to her spot weakly as she slowly fell to the ground in defeat.

“’ll never…e..escape the..w..wrath of this highschool….. Even..I..if y-you…k..kill, I..I’ll reincarnate and h..have my r..revenge. I’ll fuck every single one of the g.girls …..T..their m..moans will be a pleasing sound to my ears. ….. I don’t regret ever making those guys rape your Sister and I never will!” She bawled , spitting out blood. I fired three more shots at her legs, head and abdomen and she yelled weirdly before giving up the ghost.


“Nathan! What did you do??” Liana said, starring blankly at the Bitch’s dead body.

So, I was just going after the wrong person all these while. ” Oh, brother!” Amanda sniffled, as my hands electrocuted, I slowly dropped the gun down, pulling her closer to myself for a warm sisterly hug.




Liana Ohmshford

Tears overcrowded my eyes as I starred horrifically at the disgustingly shot person on the bare floor.

Blood filled all her entire body, making her look really mysterious and scary.

Who could’ve thought she was this scary and shameless huh??

“L.. Liana..” Xavier called, trying to pull me close but I yanked off his hands, with my voice really hoarse and strict. “Don’t you dare touch me!”

Jeanette’s body was secretly disposed and throughout I couldn’t stop thinking about everything she said. I breathed out walking out of the room, but not without Nathan apologizing to me, same as his sister. She cursed Jeanette severally also pleading me to forgive her brother. I told her I already forgave him for everything he did and said. I slowly made my way to the dormitory and the rest of the X. O. X. O guys started bombarding us with different questions.

“Liana are you okay??” Sherry asked with concern as I slowly nodded. My body was really hurting and I had a continuous banging hangover. I was still not able to get everything that occurred out of my mind.

I don’t want to see Xav’s face right now………….

I took a quick shower, changing to a big hoodie only. My hair was still wet and I was really hurting deep inside of me.

I sat on the bed alone, sinking my head on my thigh, sobbing slowly. A knock came through the door and quickly wiped off my tears. “It’s not locked” my voice was really hoarse, and i didn’t bother walking towards the door.

It slowly cracked open, revealing Xavier and I stood up from the Bed immediately. He still looked a bit pale but really hot and cute. It still hurts to know that after everything he did. I still love him madly.

I starred affectionately at the guy who took my virginity, the same guy who loved me for me, the guy who treated me like a Queen. But then he did hurt me, and I can’t continue to look at him in the eye coz his past was still taunting me extremely.

I wonder how many girls he slept with just to be who he is now in this highschool. The thoughts sent pain to my mind. Tears welled up in my eyes but I was expeditious to wipe it off at once. He pierced his alluring green eyeball to mine which made my heart accelerate……….

“Lia, I need to talk to you. I get that you’re really hurting right now, but…I..just please give me the chance to explain… I…..”

“I also need to talk to you too” I disrupted his statement and he bit his lower lips running his hands through his curly hair

I’m really gonna regret what I’m about to say to him, but I have no choice. It’s for the best.

“Xavier..,” I called his name and he slowly raised his eyebrows, starring at me intensely.

“I want us to break up”




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