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👢🍆 {Stay Holy And Get Disvirgined}👠🍆

Episode 27

Sherry Washington

“Are you kidding me right now???” I muttered inaudibly inbetween laugh as he nodded in affirmation. I can’t just believe he’ll ask us to sneak out of school just to jog. I mean, who does that here?? I turned back to stare at him once more and I still couldn’t get over his cuteness, tattoos and piercings. He possessed the aura of a Bad Boy.

“Yeah, we could.”

“What about the scrutinizers?? And the teachers, with the securities?? You think they could allow us out of the school’s premises just like that?? And isn’t Xavier in the hospital now?? You should be with him” I reasoned, and then it dawned on me that earlier at the hospital. Lorraine asked to talk with Liana. I just hope she doesn’t try anything silly with her coz I don’t trust that Bitch one bit. I jerked out of my thoughts the moment Oliver dragged my hands to the staff room. What I saw almost made my eyes pop out of it’s sockets.

The teachers were all sleeping peacefully as if being controlled by a magic spell. Rumbles of laughs emerged out my lips as I crossed my arms above my chest, starring at him suspiciously. “Oliver, what did you do huh??” He shrugged tightening his grip of my palm dragging me out of the teacher’s residence with his hands on my waist. I felt kinda uneasy and shy. I mean we’ve already had s*x before but this time… It felt….

Peaceful and I felt really glad and extra nervous.

“Little bit of sleeping pills did the work” I gasped “You freaking drugged the staffs. Jeez!” He released his grip on my waist, holding my hands as we both stepped out of the school gate.

We were already both dressed in a yellow joggers before he tactically dragged me here after forcing me to wear jogging clothes. I admired his abs and triceps that never failed to show. His dyed green hair covered a side of his face, giving more cuteness and sexiness to his cute bright lips.

“Are you done with checking me out???” His baritone voice snapped me out of my reverie as I quickly covered my face up with a scoff. “Me?? Checking you out. In your dreams!!” I retorted jogging off, leaving him behind but he was already at my back, coz I heard his panting from behind. “Hey wait up!” He yelled tiredly but I jogged farther. His hands crawled to my shoulders trying to make me stop jogging but before we both knew it. He was already on top of me accidentally.

Oh my world!

I was on the floor and he was above me, starring intently at my lips. I bit the lower one, admiring his amber colored eyeball that flickered to the corners as he starred at me.

My heart accelerated nervously as his hands went to my chin, drawing my waist closer to himself with his legs crossed on mine.

He bent down his head and moved his lips closer to mine, slamming it with his immediately. One blink of an eye and we were already kissing passionately. I moaned out as he bit my lower lips, sucking on it enthusiastically.

We were at a secluded place, so no one really passed there.

I lifted up my legs around his back drawing him more closer to me. His hands went to my top and he took it off, unclasping my brazier. I quickly reached for his shirt, pulling it off and I could sight his full seductive figure.

Feelings of tinkling sensation fired around my spine as he trailed kisses down from my abdomen to boobs, crushing his lips on mine dominantly. I gulped hard as he widened my legs, placing both his strong firm hands on my waist.

I gasped loudly as he pushed into me with full force. It was a little bit painful but pleasurable. He stayed there for a bit as his other hands went to the cheeks of my butt, fondling and caressing it intermittently. He pushed out of me again and we were both breathing hard. He held my waist, thrusting in deeply but slowly, in a rhythmic movement.

Tears were almost at my face coz he was applying full force too….. He penetrated in very slowly again, slow than before and I breathed out a sigh of relief, each slow thrusts arrived with a sporadic kiss from him and I enjoyed every bit of it. His pace was now fast a bit, slow, rough and then very fast that my chest heaved up and down consecutively in his fast movements. I moaned out loudly encircling both of my legs on his waist, my both of my hands were on his smooth back. His thrusts became more expeditious and I barely moved my waist in rhythm, muttering incoherent words I couldn’t even decipher. He added one last thrust before halting, but he hadn’t pull out yet.

We both panted heavily and suddenly he continued to thrust in and out again, making me moan out tiredly. “I..I’m e..exhausted” I muttered inaudibly under my breath but he didn’t stop. He increased his pace intermittently while I gasped loudly. He reached his climax releasing his semen on my laps. His tongue found way into it and he licked every part of it, nibbling his tongue on my honeypot, adding one last deep thrust before pulling out finally.

“That was……..” I breathed out.

“Fucking awesome” he completed before rolling beside me.


Lorraine Ohmshford

I was shocked when she screamed a “What!!” After starring at my Dad’s picture.

Okay, what’s up with her?? Why the heck did she screamed that way??? Is there something I’m not aware of??


Liana Ohmshford


Wait! Davis Ohmshford is her father??

How can it be??

Mom didn’t tell me she had any other child when dad abandoned us! I needed to clarify my thoughts. I gulped hard turning to Lorraine who had a confused and a shocked expression on her face. “Wait. Are you sure he’s your father??” I asked impatiently as she nodded affirmatively.

“Yeah, he got married to someone else when I was still 8,….. Why do you ask??”

No, the heck no! That was the same age I was when he left us.

Could it be that……..??

No no no, we can’t be sisters. We’re completely different from each other and there can’t be a possibility we’re related.

“That’s my father. The person who abandoned I and my Mom when I was 8 too” I stated as-a-matter-of-factly as she gasped in shock dragging her feet up from the waiting chair. .

“The fuck no! We can’t be twin sisters! Right???” She screamed shockingly. “No. It must be a mistake somewhere. ….”

“Let’s go for a D. N. A” I voiced out wiping the tears that was about to fall.

“Why is that necessary?? It must be a coincidence, nothing more”

“Lorraine. We have the same surname, same father, same age, same height and same color of hair and you’re calling that a coincidence??? I insist we go for a D. N. A” I muttered inaudibly as she gave up, nodding slowly.



If this results come out positive, i have so many questions to ask my Mom. So many questions.

Did she give birth to twins??

Did my Dad take one of us, and then he got married to another woman???

I heaved out an exaggerated sigh as the both of us kept pacing to and fro at the reception area. Different thoughts running through the both of us minds. The woman that took blood test on us finally came out of the laboratory. “Well??”

“The D. N. A test results says……………”




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