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πŸ‘’πŸ†{Stay Holy And Get Disvirgined}πŸ‘ πŸ†

Episode 26

Liana Ohmshford

I breathed rapidly as I starred deeply at him, nodding slowly.

His lips twitched into a smile as he squatted his head to the direction of mine, pushing his tongue into mine, while I gladly separated my lips, for full entrance. His lips were pressed with mine tightly while his hands were cupping my boobs.

This feeling is so good and really great. The sweet feeling of him being with me is something I would never wanna let go of.

The hospital bed jerked twice making the I. V fluid in his palm shake. It then dawned on me that we were about to make out in the hospital.

“Xavier…..” It rushed out as a moan coz he was busy sucking and nibbling on my lower lips that he barely replied me.

“Yeah…” He moaned out as his hands fondled my boobs softly, his other hands holding my waist.

“Don’t you think the nurses would troop in anytime?? I..m..mean” I clamped my lips together again as he played his tongue on my navel, holding my waist ambidextrously with his two strong hands.

I shut my eyes closed, putting my statement into completion.

“We’re in the hospital”

He stopped and panted heavily. His curly hair was scattered and his lips seemed soft and wet. “I don’t care” He muttered, using his other hands to remove the I. V fluid from his palm, making blood gush out.

“Xavier!” I yelled.

He only let out a soft chuckle before rolling me over to the bed. He placed his lips on mine again, then to my abdomen, widening both my legs, as he placed the other around his shoulders. I breathed out as his lips found way to my honeypot, sucking and slurping on it consecutively. I delved my hands into his hair, tightening my legs on his shoulders.


I moaned out loudly as he twirled his tongue around it, making sensational feelings crawl down my spine.



He returned back into kissing me again, while I managed to encircle my legs around his back, my other hands went to his chin and I added intensity into the kiss.

He pulled my waist more closer to himself, about to penetrate when the door opened revealing Sherry and Lorraine.

“Xavier??” A teary voice boomed in.

Oh my gawd! What do I do now?? I don’t like someone viewing us in this type of position.

“Fuck!!” I heard him cuss angrily as he muttered shred of curses before pulling away from me finally. I breathed out again, as I wore my blouse, buttoning it up before sitting up on the Bed, coz I was a little bit weak to stand up fully.

“Am I interrupting something???” Sherry teased as she walked towards us. Xavier’s gaze met mine and he winked at me, while my cheeks heated.

“Uhm… Liana can I talk to you for a sec.??” Came the unmistakable voice of Lorraine. I turned back at Xav. and he nodded affirmatively giving me a go-ahead. I sighed and stood up facing her squarely.

“Sure” She smiled and we both walked out of the ward.


Xavier Martins

Damn…She tastes so sweet that I can’t really get enough of her. The anger and disappointment that radiated through me when Lorraine walked in, was outrageous and I knew it.

She had to spoil the moment completely!


Oliver walked in steadily digesting this type of smug look I couldn’t decipher. I guess he’s about to tease me coz of what almost happened between I and Liana.

“Boss man” he teased and I laughed. “I ain’t your Boss man” I replied and we both did a friendship handshake.

“Damn, Xavier. You really wanted to eat her raw if we hadn’t came in”

“Shut up man” I laughed.


Liana Ohmshford

“I see you two are really happy”

She voiced out the moment we settled on a chair in the reception area of the hospital. I rolled my eyes, tucking my hair in between my ears. “What’s your point???”

“Xavier and I dated for ten years”

A feeling of jealousy waved through me as I starred, at her. What’s she trying to bring up ??? That he still loves her or what???

“We met at an ice cream shop in Riverdale, he asked for my name and I gave it to him, then our love story started. He was my be in all and end in all. We were so happy and…I… Never experienced that type of love before until..I..took his love for granted” She murmured under tears as I starred at her.

“I know i sound selfish but…I love him” She sniffed again, flickering her eyeball as her face met mine. “Promise me, you’ll never break his heart”

“I promise” I replied softly as her phone rang. I was shocked when I saw a familiar picture used as her wallpaper.


Is that not!, the picture of my Dad??? The Father that abandoned I and Mom when I was still a little kid???

She answered the call and disconnected it after several minutes .

“Wait! Who’s that on your wallpaper???” I asked impatiently as her gaze drifted to her phone and then she smiled.

“That’s my Dad”





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