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👢🍆{Stay Holy And Get Disvirgined}👠🍆

Episode 25

Nathan Davidson

I breathed out intermittently as my gaze floated to the gun I was holding. “That bastard!” I muttered inaudibly under my breath, tossing the gun into my wardrobe.

I almost got shot because of that slutty whore. That bitch!

How dare she???

Time to construct another bigger plan. I swear I’m so going to make her pay. I’m goanna make the both of them pay miserably.

I picked up my phone, and was about to dial a number when a call went in. I sighed, swiping it to the green side, connecting the call immediately after the first ring.

“Nathan” Mom’s voice boomed in. “Mom!” I called hesitantly, still pissed off about what happened at the old library. I lost the golden opportunity of banging that whore. The thoughts made anger crawl through my spine.

“Nathan, I need you to stop all what you’re doing. Amanda’s already gone for good and there’s nothing we can do to bring her back. You need to stop your revenge mission before it’s too late”

“Mom, those Monsters gang raped her exasperatedly, drugged her, and then they fucking got her pregnant and out of depression and shame, she committed suicide. Mom! She jumped over a flyover for fuck’s sake!! Give me just one reason why I won’t seek revenge for the horrible things they fucking did to her.” I retorted angrily with my fist clenching. I heard her heaved a sigh at the other end of the call.

“I understand how you feel. It isn’t easy for any one of us too. Amanda is dead. I don’t wanna lose you too” Her voice broke in the middle of her statement and it gave me a hint that she was crying already. I gulped hard, sitting on the Bed. “You won’t lose me. That’s a promise” I assured soothingly , disconnecting the call to avoid any further statement from her.

I’ve delayed my plans so much because of that Bitch. But not to worry, coz I’m adding her to my revenge list. I’ll so rape her miserably the way my sister was raped.

I’ll make them suffer endlessly. Every damn one of them. They messed with the wrong person!!!

This is just the beginning


Yvonne Andrews

What the??? Whoa!

I flipped through the pages of the diary again and again, but the rest of the pages were empty.

How can that be??

I breathed out a long sigh, closing it back, I was about to hide it again when the door opened unexpectedly, revealing Jeanette. My heart beat accelerated fearfully as her gaze shifted to the Diary.

“What the Fuck ??! You’ve been reading my secret diary!!” She yelled angrily, moving close to me, but I decided to inculcate courage. I’m done with being scared of her.

“Yes! I read it. What’s your beef??” I asked boldly

Her eyes widened in shock as she starred at me surprisingly like I’ve just grown two horns.

“Are you talking to me??”




Liana Ohmshford

“Me, I’m his girlfriend” Her footsteps overwhelmed the atmosphere as she cat walked towards us with a soft smile on her face. The nurse starred at her. “Sorry miss, are you Liana Ohmshford??” She asked and Sherry bursted into a mocking laughter.

“I’m Liana” I voiced out immediately, making my presence known. The nurse nodded at me jerking her chin towards the ward room, indicating that I should go with her. I smiled as we both took few strides to the ward.

I creaked the door open and the next thing I I inhaled was the antiseptic smell of the hospital. An. I. V fluid was being pinned to his palm and he still looked irresistibly cute. I smiled and walked towards his bed, facing him squarely. His green eyeball digressed to mine and his bright pink lips curved into a smile.


“Hi” I whispered shyly, squatting to his direction.

“You know,…….during the operation, all I could think about was you. ” He added, starring at me deeply as my cheeks heated.

Gawd! He’s killing me with his sexy looks.

“You’re extremely pretty and I can’t even resist you” He whispered as his hands went to my Chin, making me face him. My heart was beating fast and sensations crawled through my entire body making me shook like I was being electrocuted.

“Xavier ..I..”

“Do you remember when I asked you to kiss me??” He whispered again starring at me with those sexy eyes of his. My cheeks heated again as i remembered the passionate kiss we both shared together.

“Yeah” I nodded as he brought my face closer to his, and we could hear the distorted sound of our breaths.

“I want you to do it again”

I nodded shyly as I pressed my lips on his, kissing him hungrily and roughly. He deepened the kiss, rolling his tongue with mine expertly. I moaned out as his hands caressed my thigh, adding more intensify to the kiss. I couldn’t just explain the sweet feeling I derived from kissing him, but I felt great. Really great. I was so engrossed in the kiss that I didn’t notice when his strong hands drew me from the ground, making me sit on this thigh directly. My hairs scattered around my face, but he tucked them in between my ears, starring at me lustfully, but lovingly. Both expression was written on his face.

His hands held my waist tightly as I moved slowly, moving my tongue in and out of his lips. His hands went through my blouse and he took it off at once breathing hard.

“Do you wanna do this Liana??”




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