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(Fatten You Up)

Han Zhuoli did not know what to say. Why did he like this little girl so much?

He was not the only one thinking for her and putting in his heart for her. She was also doing the same. She always placed him first and sacrificed a lot for him too.

One might ask, did Lu Man really not want to go to New York?

Han Zhuoli did not think so.

If Lu Man were single and did not have anyone who cared for her, she would definitely go.

However, Lu Man chose to give up such an opportunity for him.

How could he not be touched?

Han Zhuoli hugged her around the waist and said, “You don’t need to worry so much. If you want to go, just go. I have already decided on it. Even if you go, I won’t be separated from you. You don’t have to sacrifice yourself just for this.”

“It’s not a sacrifice.” Lu Man shook her head. “I am used to living around family now. Compared to my career, I like my family even more. I can only say that one is more important to me. In my eyes, going to New York to learn acting is not as important as my family here. I have you, Dad and Mom, and the elders from the Han Family. From not having experienced the warmth of a family in the past until now, when I have gained more and more family members, and so suddenly—so many, many family members who make me feel warm.

“This was something I didn’t even dare to dream of in the past.” Lu Man chuckled.

She was not referring to her past in this life, but to her past in her previous life.

When she died, there was not a single family member by her side.

She had been lonely all along, even until death.

She had been lonely since she was young. In prison, she was also alone.

As she’d kept it from Xia Qingwei, only Tang Zi would visit her.

As for Lu Qiyuan, she did not see him for as long as she was in jail.

From living two lifetimes, up until the moment she was reincarnated in this lifetime, she had never experienced the feeling of having family members by her side, much less the warmth of being surrounded by a huge family.

And now, she had all of these.

Be it furthering her studies or learning, in her eyes, it was not as important as staying with her family.

“Also, I don’t think it’s a sacrifice. Acting can be slowly honed; it’s not something that can be learned just by going to New York to study for a year,” Lu Man said. “Perhaps going to New York might be very useful. However, this opportunity is not a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. With you around, what kind of opportunities would I lack in, right?

“That’s true.” Han Zhuoli smiled and just pulled Lu Man over to sit on his lap.

He was sitting cross-legged, so when Lu Man sat down, it was as if she was sitting on the sofa.

She was wrapped between his legs, and her back rested nicely against his chest.

Lu Man laughed as she asked, “What if I make your legs numb?”

“Don’t worry.” Han Zhuoli kissed her and said, “Even if my legs go numb, I still have you to massage them for me. Anyway, you’re very light. I don’t really feel your weight on me.”

Han Zhuoli lightly squeezed her waist. It was so thin that he felt as if he could cup her waist fully in between his hands.

His arms circled her waist, making her waist feel even thinner, as if it did not exist. It made him really afraid of squeezing her too much.

“Why are you so thin?” He did not see her eating less lately.

Lu Man was not someone who went on diets to maintain her figure, or else he would not have allowed it long before.

However, she was clearly eating normally, yet she was still so skinny.

“What must I do to fatten you up?” Han Zhuoli mumbled in a soft voice.

He said it right by Lu Man’s ear, so of course Lu Man heard it.

She immediately stretched her hand to pinch his waist. “You still want to fatten me up? If you fatten me up and my figure goes awry and you don’t like me anymore, then what am I supposed to do?”

“That’s impossible. If you’re a little chubbier, I’ll definitely like it,” Han Zhuoli said as he started trailing his fingers up her flat waist.



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