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(A Woman Appeared on the Bed (2)

“Honey, I want to learn Kung Fu,” said Huo Mian.

Hearing her words, Qin Chu laughed out loud

“Why are you laughing?”

“I’m laughing at your sudden urge to learn Kung Fu.”

“I feel I’m useless and become your burden whenever we’re in danger. I wish I could be as good as Yan; then no one would dare to kidnap me.”

“Honey, can you wake up from your dream?” Qin Chu felt exasperated.

It would take many years for one to become as badass as Lu Yan; besides, Lu Yan was a genius in martial arts and had trained in an unbelievably strict system.

“I’m serious…”

“You don’t need to learn it. I’ll have people protect you.”

“No. I want to learn it.”

“Then you have to wait until the baby is born. How can a pregnant woman learn Kung Fu?”

Looking at his wife’s tender hands, he thought she’d better continue her career as a doctor and save people’s lives.

“Oh… I forgot about it.” Huo Mian suddenly remembered she was pregnant.

“Okay. Your hair is dry now. Go to bed.” Qin Chu caressed her small head and put away the hair dryer.

“Okay. Let’s go to bed together.”

Happily, she crawled under the covering and fell asleep in Qin Chu’s arms.

However, Qin Chu couldn’t sleep; it seemed as if his insomnia had become even worse.

He had depended on pills to sleep, but now he couldn’t use the medicine. He knew he couldn’t continue like this.

He decided to call Lu Yan when he had the time and ask her to pass a message to the professor and see if he could find a solution.

On the next morning, Huo Mian got up early to make breakfast for her family.

Qin Chu had hired some new maids to work in the house.

Previously, Huo Siqian had planted a spy among the servants in the house; having learned the lesson, this time Qin Chu had done background checking before hiring the maids, security guards, and gardeners working in South Hill Manor.

Afraid his wife would tire herself, Qin Chu helped her in the kitchen.

“Master, please go out and rest with Madam. Tell us what you want to eat, and we’ll handle everything,” the new cook said.

“I can help you make the dough. I want to make some egg pancakes for the kids. They are nutritious and delicious.”

Giving in to her insistence, the maids helped her make a bountiful breakfast.

All the family sat around the table to have breakfast. It was a lively sight.

“Mom, can you take us to the zoo today?” Little Bean asked.

“Why? I thought you didn’t have an interest in the zoo.” Huo Mian was surprised.

“We were not interested. But I heard they lately got two panda babies; my sister and I want to see them.”

“You want to go, not me. I don’t want to go.” Pudding seemed to have no interest in the zoo.

“Sis, you can ask Wei Yunchu to go with you… Yesterday during lunch, he mentioned that he wanted to see the pandas.”

“Then you can go with Wei Yunchu.” Pudding glanced at Little Bean.

“Damn… How would it look if I went with him? Boyuan won’t be happy.”

“I don’t care. Mom, I’m not going to kindergarten today because I have to go to Imperial Star to see Handsome Su.”

“I was wondering why you won’t go to kindergarten. You want to see Handsome Su without me. No, I must keep an eye on you. You can’t keep Handsome Su to yourself.” Little Bean looked at her elder sister.

“I need to see Handsome Su for business. Don’t mess around,” Pudding said in resignation.

“Okay! Don’t bicker, you two. Today, your dad and I will take you to see Grandpa Su and Grandma Su. So, we all go to the house of Su,” Huo Mian said.

“Yeah. You guys should go and visit the Su Family, they’ve helped us a lot.” Qin Chu’s father nodded in approval.


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