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Afraid that Principal Liu would misunderstand, Teacher Liang hurriedly explained, “Principal Liu, I’ve already explained in class that Lu Man was staying for the exchange competition here and that’s why she could not go for the exchange.”

“I know, don’t worry.” Principal Liu had confidence in Teacher Liang.

Teacher Liang was smart and would not make a muddle of such issues.

And she had always handled things well.

“It’s fine, I’ll settle this. Our school should just clarify things officially and that will do,” Principal Liu replied and hung up, then contacted the administrator next.

Not long after, the official account of the National Film Academy posted a clarification: “About the issue of Lu Man holding on to the exchange spot despite not going to New York circulating on the Net, the school will now offer a clear explanation.

“Firstly, Lu Man won the spot through winning the Chinese Arts Championships; the slot is not given to her by the school. And retracting Lu Man’s spot is not decided just by our school alone, but by the four schools, which have the exchange slots as well. And the decision made by the four schools is to let Lu Man retain her spot.

“Secondly, it is not Lu Man’s own decision to not go to New York. It’s because a team of New York University’s students majoring in performing will also be sent here to have a friendly competition with each of the four academies. As the champion of the Chinese Arts Championships, Lu Man is a crucial support on our side. The four academies have decided together to let Lu Man remain in school and, after the friendly competition here, to head to New York for another exchange competition there.

“Lastly, the school wishes to clarify that it is not the case that Lu Man is occupying the spot but is refusing to go to New York. It is Lu Man sacrificing her chance to go to New York in view of the larger picture to face the upcoming challenge in the school. Please do not twist Lu Man’s sacrifice into Lu Man’s occupying a spot selfishly.”

And at the end, the sign-off was accompanied by the official seal of the National Film Academy.

This time, Principal Liu personally posted a Weibo, stating: “It’s easy to see how important the opportunity to go to New York is. There are only three spots for my school and the National Drama Academy each, and only two spots for the other two schools respectively. This shows how precious the slots are. It’s extremely competitive to get the spot and there may be students who harbor a grudge because he or she couldn’t make it, thus making misleading statements. This has brought the school and Lu Man serious negative impacts, and the school will get to the bottom of this and give Lu Man her fair treatment!

“Please analyze clearly, everyone. Do not be mislead by the perpetrator! Do not let Lu Man, who sacrificed herself for the greater good, to be maligned and despair. My school has always been fair and honorable, and we’ll never give special treatment to anyone just because of their background. This is an insult to the school. Ever since our founding, we’ve been religiously maintaining and protecting our school’s image and striving to follow the school’s promise and motto. A century of our school’s reputation is not to be slandered! The school will never condone such a selfish and immoral student, and we will never let a selfless student who sacrifices for the school and the greater good to suffer!”

The netizens were all stunned. Many thought back to the comments they had posted and went to delete them silently for fear of embarrassment.

Some did not manage to delete them in time and were immediately hounded by Lu Man’s fans, who scolded them.

No one expected the truth to be like this.

“I’m sorry, I misunderstood Lu Man. I’m hereby apologizing and admitting that I’ve scolded Lu Man wrongly. I’m deleting my post and apologizing.”



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