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(How Many Can Do It?)

“It’s alright commenter above, it’s alright.”

Many had apologized.

But there were still a few who carried a skeptical attitude.

“It’s still too early to say. Who knows if the school’s saying this just to protect Lu Man?”

“I won’t dare to underestimate the power of influence.”

There was still a portion of netizens, the ones who always roasted Lu Man, insistent on their views that the school was protecting Lu Man.

“The principal of the National Film Academy put it so nicely, but when was he ever on a different side from Lu Man?”

“Person above, you’re funny. Lu Man is right, so why can’t we support her? When is Lu Man ever wrong?”

Just as the argument was coming to a boil, someone commented: “Stop arguing. If you all don’t believe the words of the National Film Academy’s principal, will you believe the principal of the National Drama Academy?”

“What do you mean?”

“Principal Zhang of the National Drama Academy has also spoken. Here’s the link.”

Everyone clicked on the link and went straight to Principal Zhang’s main page.

Only to see Principal Zhang reposting Principal Liu’s words, saying: “This is a decision made by the four academies together, and we’re thankful for Lu Man’s sacrifice and work for the larger picture. I can’t stand for Lu Man being maligned and criticized on purpose despite clearly sacrificing so much. Lu Man isn’t my school’s student, though she did nearly become one. As always, I’ve regretted missing out on having Lu Man, who’s such a talent.

“Every time Lu Man won another glory for the National Film Academy, I’m both angry and rueful. Thinking that if Lu Man were a student in my school, the glory would be ours. As such, I always have conflicted feelings towards Lu Man. I both admire her but also wish that she wasn’t that mighty. Not to mention the competitive relationship that the National Drama Academy and the National Film Academy have always had. Even if you were an outsider, everyone knows it clearly. Both our schools have the relationship of feeling one is good and the other is better. But this time, we’ve decided to ignore our differences and unite. I hope everyone will stop misunderstanding Lu Man and even maligning her.”

“My gosh, never thought that Principal Zhang from the National Drama Academy will also speak up.”

“That’s right. Just like Principal Zhang said, the National Drama Academy and the National Film Academy are competitors, and we’ve never seen them speak up for the other party before. It can been seen that this time, it is a unanimous decision by the four schools and Lu Man gave up her chance to go to New York for the bigger picture.”

“I just want to ask, just how many of us can do it like Lu Man? You clearly have a chance to upgrade your skills and better yourself. Especially Lu Man, who always has her abilities questioned ever since the beginning. For her, the chance to go to New York is far more important compared to the others. But she gave up on that so that she could represent her school in the competition. Between personal gains and losses versus a group’s interests, I want to ask, how many of you can truly give up personal gains for the group?”

“The students going to New York this time are all the best chosen from each school. Asking anyone of them to stay means increasing the school’s fighting chance. Isn’t it clear now where the problem is? Everyone chose to better themselves while only Lu Man chose the school.”

Lu Man read until here and felt embarrassed. She really didn’t wish to go…

Just then, Principal Liu called her. Afraid that she would go onto the Net and speak frankly with that honest attitude of hers, he hurriedly instructed Lu Man in advance: “Lu Man ah, don’t you go and post so honestly this time! We’re all saying that you’re sacrificing for the school, and no one would know that you originally didn’t want to go, would they? Even if the person who exposed this knew, no one will believe her even if she said it. Don’t you go and say so yourself!”



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