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(Walked in with a Glum Look)

Lu Man would definitely not help her.

Wei Zilin just had to be Lu Man’s husband’s good friend. Could he possibly help her?

Lu Qi felt so depressed that her chest hurt.

After ending her call with He Zhengbai, she heard Xia Qingyang’s shrill and shocked voice coming from the living room.

“Qi Qi! Qi Qi!” Xia Qingyang held her phone as she rushed over, coincidentally bumping into Lu Qi, who was walking back.

“Online… Online…” Xia Qingyang said urgently.

“I know. It’s about that recording, right?” With Xia Qingyang being so anxious, Lu Qi conversely calmed down.

“How are you not anxious at all?!” Xia Qingyang exclaimed.

“How can I not be anxious? But if you’re already panicking like that, one of us has got to be the one with a clear mind, right?” Lu Qi was utterly annoyed.

Every time something happened, aside from being anxious, what else could Xia Qingyang do?

She could not help with anything and could only care about being anxious.

Xia Qingyang did not seem to notice that Lu Qi was annoyed with her. She even exclaimed proudly, “My daughter is someone who can accomplish big things!”

She was still so calm now.

“Then have you thought of an idea yet?” Xia Qingyang asked.

“No. What idea can I have?” Lu Qi said in vexation. “If there is really no other way, I can only apologize publicly and act pitiful.”

“How can we do that? If you admit it, you’re finished!” Once Xia Qingyang panicked, she would give absurd ideas. “Why don’t… Why don’t you go and find Han Zhuoli! He is still your brother-in-law no matter what! We are in-laws! How can he not help at times like these? As long as he’s willing to help, this will surely not be a problem!”

Lu Qi scoffed. “In your dreams! It’s good already if he doesn’t completely censor me off. You still want me to go and beg him?”

Lu Qi had not forgotten how she had ended up when she tried to seduce Han Zhuoli.

Lu Qi could not help but frown. Lu Man probably did not know about that, right?

Han Zhuoli definitely would not tell Lu Man. If he told Lu Man of his own accord, wouldn’t he be looking for trouble?

Han Zhuoli was not that stupid either.

Furthermore, she did not see any reaction from Lu Man afterward.

Thinking of this, Lu Qi suddenly froze.

The recording incident this time, could it have been done by Lu Man?


Lu Qi thought about it. If it was Lu Man, why would she act only after such a long time?

Lu Qi quickly went to dig through Weibo. The first to post all these was a paparazzi account. Afterward, there were many entertainment accounts that shared the post for views.

Eight Skin Entertainment was naturally one of the accounts. However, like the other accounts, it only shared the post and did not attach any opinions or analysis along with it.

She knew that Eight Skin Entertainment and Lu Man were on good terms. However, this did not seem like Lu Man’s doing, because Eight Skin Entertainment did not really have much of an effect on this.

Lu Qi and Xia Qingyang were both so troubled about this that neither of them heard the gates opening.

Until they heard the auntie in the house call, “Sir is back.”

Both of them finally regained their senses. They turned and saw Lu Qiyuan walking in with a glum look on his face. He did not even respond to the auntie.

“Qiyuan? Why did you come home at this time?” Seeing the look on Lu Qiyuan’s face, Xia Qingyang had a bad feeling in her heart.

“Dad?” Lu Qi called out timidly.

Alas, Lu Qiyuan remained silent.

Usually, in such moments, as long as Lu Qi called him, Lu Qiyuan would already reply to her with a gentle and loving look on his face.

However, now, Lu Qiyuan seemed to have become even angrier when he heard Lu Qi’s voice.


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