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(Why Don’t I Make a Bet with You?)

“No!” The moment Yan Zhiqing said that, Lu Man’s phone call came.

“I have a phone call. Quick, give me back the phone,” Yan Zhiqing said.

Mou Danqiong took a look and saw that it was from Lu Man.

She kind of did not want to give it to her.

She was afraid that Lu Man called specifically to ask Yan Zhiqing to help her. If so, Yan Zhiqing would surely help her.

“No, you can’t take this call,” Mou Danqiong said.

Yan Zhiqing suddenly stared at her silently. She was angry. “You persuaded me not to speak up openly about this. I know you’re concerned about me, so I did not say much. But now, you won’t even let me answer Lu Man’s call. Elder Sister Mou, this is too much.

“Lu Man is my friend. No matter what she says, I must take this call! You can’t possibly interfere in my normal friendships, right?” Yan Zhiqing said coldly. “Furthermore, I can assure you that Lu Man’s call is definitely not to ask me to help her come out to prove anything. On the contrary, she is probably calling me to tell me not to say anything and just watch from the sidelines. Do you believe me?”

Although Mou Danqiong knew how to manage Yan Zhiqing, she would still back down when Yan Zhiqing was really angry.

“That’s not what I meant…” Mou Danqiong said timidly.

However, she still felt like Lu Man would ask Yan Zhiqing for help.

She did not believe that Lu Man would really spare a thought for Yan Zhiqing.

Given the situation that Lu Man was in, she naturally had to clutch at the people who would help her.

Everyone was selfish deep down. So was Lu Man.

She did not trust Lu Man.

“Then give me the phone.” Yan Zhiqing stretched her hand out towards Mou Danqiong. “Elder Sister Mou, I still call you Elder Sister Mou and treat you like my elder sister. I respect you, so you should respect me too. You can’t interfere in my life like this.”

Mou Danqiong pursed her lips and said, “Okay, I can give it to you. But if Lu Man really asks you to come out and help her, you cannot agree. At this moment, the people who make such requests of you will not be treating you like a friend anymore. You treat her so sincerely, yet she doesn’t do it in return.”

Yan Zhiqing went silent for a few seconds before she said, “Why don’t I make a bet with you?”

Mou Danqiong paused for a moment before she asked, “What are we betting on?”

“If Lu Man does what I said, that she isn’t calling to ask for my help but rather to tell me not to do anything at all, then next time, you cannot oppose my decisions. Even if you oppose it, you cannot say it. I will do whatever I want.

“Conversely, if Lu Man does what you said, calling to ask me for help, it would be like what you said, that she does not care about me at all. Then in such situations next time, I will have to listen to you,” Yan Zhiqing said.

Mou Danqiong was pretty confident, so she did not think so much and just agreed. “Okay, I’m in.”

Yan Zhiqing stretched out her hand. “Then now, give me the phone.”

Mou Danqiong passed the phone to her.

However, by the time Yan Zhiqing had taken the phone, the call had already ended because it went unanswered for too long.

Yan Zhiqing turned her phone on loudspeaker and called Lu Man back.

In this way, no matter what Lu Man said, Mou Danqiong would be able to hear it.

Lu Man thought that Yan Zhiqing was busy at first, since her phone rang for so long but she did not answer.

However, not long after the call ended, Yan Zhiqing called her back.

Lu Man answered the call, “Zhiqing.”

“Man Man.” Yan Zhiqing addressed her and said, “Are you looking for me because of the rumors online?”

“Yeah,” Lu Man said. “I wanted to tell you not to worry about what they’re saying of me online. I have a way to resolve this. In the worse case, I still have Zhuoli. You were a judge on the film festival and is directly connected to Liang Chengbing’s removal from the panel of judges, so don’t get yourself into this. It’ll be very easy for other people to take advantage of you and smear your name.”



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