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He Zhengbai sent Lu Qi to the lift. “Don’t rush. If there’s anything you need help with, let me know.”

He then kissed Lu Qi on her forehead and watch her enter the lift.

He Zhengbai kept his smile on before the lift doors closed.

The moment the doors snapped shut, He Zhengbai dropped his facade and revealed his scorn.

Did she think that he never realized the changes in her expression when he spoke of his situation at home?

He spoke the truth, exaggerated though it might be.

His family would give less cash to him, but the cash flow won’t be stopped.

He just didn’t want to spend money on Lu Qi for nothing.

The amount of money involved would be massive if he went the sponsoring route, or else why would it be called “sponsoring”?

He did not think it worth it to spend so much money just to send Lu Qi to New York.

What’s more, Lu Qi merely wanted to remove her penalty. It was still uncertain if she could get the spot for the exchange.

Lu Qi really treated him as a fool.

He Zhengbai went back to his office with a dark expression and dialed a number. “Go and follow Lu Qi these next few days. See where she goes.”

Lu Qi kept saying she would think of ways, but she was such a d*mb b*tch. What methods could she think of?

She best not be offering her body to someone else.

Though he might be sick of Lu Qi, he did not have any fetish for sharing his girlfriend with somebody else.

If she really offered herself up to others, then he could not be blamed if he treated her without courtesy.

Unexpectedly, Lu Qi actually went to the Han Corporation.

When He Zhengbai heard the report, he couldn’t help but be in awe of Lu Qi’s brazeness.

What type of woman had Han Zhuoli not seen after all these years?

But only Lu Man had managed to snag him.

It could be said that Han Zhuoli had expectations. His partner need not be perfect, but she must at least meet the criteria he had in mind or he wouldn’t have been single for so long.

Did she think Han Zhuoli would fall for her petty tricks?

He Zhengbai sneered, saying, “Remember to tell me if Lu Qi went in or not. If she went in, give me the details of how long she spent in there.”


Meanwhile, Lu Qi arrived at the Han Corporation and was stopped at the front desk without surprise.

She had considered it before. Directly reporting her name would not guarantee a meeting with Han Zhuoli.

So she said, “I’m Young Master Han’s sister-in-law. I have matters to bring up to him, but I don’t have a prior appointment. I’m meeting my brother-in-law, I don’t think there’s a need to book an appointment.”

Lu Qi had gone in a roundabout way without once mentioning her name.

The receptionist did not have the time to recall that she was Lu Qi.

The first impression was Han Zhuoli’s sister-in-law, Lu Man’s sister.

When Lu Man came for the interview last time, Lu Qi had followed Lu Qiyuan to the Han Corporation.

But the previous receptionist had resigned, and the current one was new, so she had not seen Lu Qi before.

Though she got looped in by Lu Qi, she did not forget his role.

As long as there’s no appointment, nobody could meet Han Zhuoli, not even his sister-in-law.

“Please wait a moment.” The receptionist dialed for Zheng Tianming.

If the person without an appointment were someone else, he probably won’t even get this call.

Zheng Tianming picked up not long after.

“Assistant Zheng,” the receptionist said. “There’s a woman here claiming to be Mrs. CEO’s sister and wants to meet the CEO.”

Zheng Tianming was a lot faster on the uptake, knowing immediately who she was.

“Please wait.” Zheng Tianming knew in his heart that Han Zhuoli wouldn’t meet her, but he still had to inform Han Zhuoli.



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