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(Don’t You All Forget What Lu Man Does for a Living)

Eight Skin Entertainment was stunned and totally did not expect there to be such a cause behind it. “If this gets out, it won’t be small news.”

“Since they can slander me without evidence, we won’t need evidence on our end either. But at least I know that whatever I’m saying is true,” Lu Man said.

On this side, when he heard her speak, Han Zhuoli already asked someone to go and check what Liang Chengbing’s upcoming schedule was.

This was much easier to find, so he asked someone to go and look it up.

Not long after, Liang Chengbing’s full schedule after relinquishing his position as a judge was sent over.

Lu Man directly forwarded it to Eight Skin Entertainment.

Eight Skin Entertainment understood it at once when he saw the schedule. “This is considered a more favorable indirect evidence. Of course, there would still be people who would refute this just for the sake of refuting, but this is enough to convince most people.”

That was what Lu Man thought as well.

“Nice, I’ll get to it now.” Eight Skin Entertainment gave a cheerful reply and dropped her a “rushing off” emoji before leaving to work on it.

Those slamming Lu Man online had even picked up steam now. As Lu Man hired paid posters to tweak the discussion topic a little, the malicious discussions around Lu Man became a little less intense.

However, Lu Man remained the topic of discussion.

Not long after, Eight Skin Entertainment posted a new topic.

It exposed the real reason behind Liang Chengbing’s removal as a judge.

After working with Lu Man for a long time, Eight Skin Entertainment was also very experienced.

He did not say it outright the moment he went online but instead used another account to stage a revelation before taking screenshots and posting it online.

Other account: “Eight Skin Brother, I have some news for you. It’s regarding Director Liang Chengbing.”

Eight Skin Entertainment: “Director Liang? To be honest, his popularity can’t make it. Your news must be quite lame for you to say this.”

Other account: “No, this piece of news is definitely explosive. And it’s got to do with Lu Man, who’s been the hot topic lately.”

Eight Skin Entertainment: “Really? Tell me about it.”

Other account: “Remember to mosaic my name. Although I’m just a small account, I’m also afraid that other people will seek me out because of this.”

Eight Skin Entertainment: “Don’t worry. Why would your Eight Brother not know this too?”

Hence, Eight Skin Entertainment’s self-directed other account exposed the reason behind Liang Chengbing’s removal from the panel of judges.

After Eight Skin Entertainment uploaded the screenshot, he commented, “No wonder Director Liang kept latching on to Lu Man.”

There were many other people who did not participate in the discussion on Lu Man. At first, they were just watching the good show, but now, they could no longer sit on the fence and watch.

“Is this for real?”

“If this is real, this Liang Chengbing is really shameless.”

“So the one veto vote can actually be used like that.”

Right after that, Lu Man and Eight Skin Entertainment contacted a third party to act as someone who had just joined the discussion and post Liang Chengbing’s work schedule after ending his post as a judge.

“Don’t ask me how I got it. Anyway, this is really Liang Chengbing’s work schedule after he ended his post as a judge. I can assure you it’s real. If any of you guys know people from Liang Chengbing’s work studio or contact their work partners according to this schedule, you can all go ahead and verify it.”

The moment this information was published, the whole thing really blew up.

Everyone shifted their attention away from Lu Man and all went to focus on Liang Chengbing.

“Director Liang, is this true?”

“Don’t you all forget what Lu Man does for a living. This could be one of her tricks to shift our attention elsewhere.”

“Let’s not care about whether or not it’s her tactic to shift our attention. Something that’s true can’t be fake.”



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