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(Saliva Is the Best for a Wound)

Lu Man was kissed by him until she was dizzy. His kiss was too fervent and intense, she could only accept it passively.

However, she suddenly heard Han Zhuoli make such a solemn oath that she quickly pushed him slightly and said, “I was only imagining things just now. I’m fine now. Don’t say such nonsense.”

Han Zhuoli chuckled. “Anyway, if I let you down, I can give up my life too.”

“Didn’t I tell you not to spout nonsense!” This time, Lu Man was really angry.

Whether or not such an oath actually worked, it was still an unlucky thing to do.

Hearing it alone made one scared.

Lu Man was really angry now. She hugged his neck and pressed down on it. This time, it was Lu Man who kissed him intensely.

She still did not feel assured enough, so she just went ahead and bit him.

Han Zhuoli took a sharp breath in pain. This little girl could be really intense.

Lu Man parted from him and was elated when she saw him.

She had been so caught up with rage and anxiety that she forgot to control her strength properly.

She ended up leaving a very deep mark on Han Zhuoli’s lip.

There was even a bit of blood on his lip. Lu Man immediately lifted her hand to wipe off the blood on his lip. She did not even dare to exert force lest she hurt him again.

This made the bite mark on Han Zhuoli’s lip even more obvious.

Tomorrow was not a weekend, so he still needed to go to work.

If Han Zhuoli had to go to work with a bite mark on his lip…

Lu Man ducked a little in guilt.

The moment Han Zhuoli saw Lu Man’s reaction, he asked, “Is the bite mark very obvious?”

Lu Man laughed awkwardly in guilt before saying, “It’s hard to say now. You can take a look at it again tomorrow morning.”

Han Zhuoli laughed out of anger. “You’re actually so ruthless that you bit me so hard.”

Lu Man’s eyes rolled around before she suggested, “Why don’t we apply some ointment?”

“No need. I have another way.” Han Zhuoli lowered his head and leaned close to Lu Man, almost touching her lips with his, leaving only a millimeter of gap between them.

As he spoke, his breath caressed Lu Man’s lips.

“You just have to lick it for me,” Han Zhuoli said in a hoarse voice. “Saliva is the best for a wound.”

Lu Man’s face was blushing furiously and her body was all heated from his words.

She did not know where she got her courage from, which made her so brazen. She just did as Han Zhuoli said and leaned in suddenly and licked his wound.

Han Zhuoli felt only a soft sensation on his lips. It had a fragrance to it, which made him feel aroused all over.

He took the initiative back and kissed her, cupping the back of her head and her back as he pressed her against the sofa.

“Didn’t you say when we’re at Dad and Mom’s place that I can do whatever I want tonight?” Han Zhuoli asked as he kissed her.

Even if he did not ask, Lu Man would not object either.

Lu Man did not reply. She just hugged him tighter and kissed him back.

There was nothing else that could say more than this.

Han Zhuoli did not say anything more and kissed her passionately. One of his hands trailed down her slim waist and past her flat abdomen before finding the zip on her pants.

Perhaps it was also because he had been disgusted by Lu Qi today that Han Zhuoli felt he really needed some comfort from Lu Man.

His fervor was unprecedentedly great.

He clasped Lu Man’s thin waist with both hands as he lifted her up. Not long after, the sides of her waist had been reddened from his strong hold.

His palm prints were left clearly on her waist.

However, neither Lu Man nor Han Zhuoli could see this. Both of them had long forgotten about everything else and were just immersed in each other.

When it was over, Han Zhuoli pulled Lu Man into his embrace and lay on the sofa, letting Lu Man lie in his arms.



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