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(Lu Man Retaliates)

“Yeah. If Han Zhuoli really made a move, just like what you all said, he can get whatever he wants. Why would he just want the Best Newcomer Award?”

Such logic would not hold out well actually. However, most people would just follow what others were saying.

When they saw so many people saying the same thing, it made them think that there was some logic to it.

Lu Man did not hope that she could rely on these to defeat the malicious rumors about her. She only did this to buy time for herself.

In the time she bought using these fake comments, Lu Man contacted Eight Skin Entertainment.

“So many big entertainment accounts are flaming me right now, but only you didn’t. Many thanks,” Lu Man said with a smile.

“I’m not doing this because I’m afraid of Young Master Han, okay?!” Eight Skin Entertainment replied immediately.

Lu Man could not help but laugh.

“Is Young Master Han not by your side?” Eight Skin Entertainment asked.

“He is,” Lu Man replied.

Unexpectedly, the next thing Eight Skin Entertainment said was: “Young Master Han, I am firmly on Lu Man’s side. Please be assured!”

Lu Man: “…”

Han Zhuoli chuckled. “This person you know is quite interesting.”

“I’ve worked with him the most. I personally think our ties are not bad. Through this incident, I can tell that he is someone worth being acquainted with, and I’m not the only one who thinks we share a good relationship.”

Next, Eight Skin Entertainment sent another message. “Those other accounts are not afraid because they know that the Han Corporation would not be able to intervene in this area. They said that they would not suffer any losses from this and would only stand to gain. They’re not like those actors and directors who have many considerations and even need to hire paid posters.

“When you were messaging me, someone came to ask me as well, but I rejected them. Our working relationship is quite good, so I also don’t want to end our friendship just because of this little bit of short-term gain.” Eight Skin Entertainment continued sincerely, “I don’t know if you can tell, but I work with you because I really treat you like a friend. I’m not the kind who cuts off all ties after the bill is settled.”

“I know. I also treat you like a friend. I was afraid that I was being presumptuous about our ties at first, but thankfully, you are righteous enough,” Lu Man said as she smiled.

“You can’t possibly just be interested in thanking me, right? Tell me, what can I do?” Eight Skin Entertainment said very frankly.

“I have some information on Liang Chengbing here. However, unlike before, I don’t have evidence that I can show directly.” These pieces of information came from Sun Yiwu, Ji Cheng, and Yan Zhiqing.

When they were judging as a panel, there were no accurate records, so they could only rely on witnesses.

However, Lu Man would definitely not drag Sun Yiwu and the rest into this and ask them to prove it or anything.

This was originally between her and Liang Chengbing to begin with.

People told her what happened internally, but this did not mean she could just make use of them.

“However, those paid posters that are flaming me right now have no evidence either. Hence, it would be enough even if I didn’t show any evidence on my end,” Lu Man said.

“Tell me, what is it?” Eight Skin Entertainment asked.

“The reason Liang Chengbing got cut off from the film festival’s panel was not because he had other work to do. I will ask other people to check and find out about all his upcoming work arrangements to prove that he really had nothing especially important to attend to such that he had to reject the position of judge on the panel,” Lu Man said.

“The reason he was removed from the panel was because he was unable to judge in a fair and unbiased manner and abused his authority as a judge.” Lu Man explained all the things Liang Chengbing did previously.

“This can explain why Liang Chengbing kept saying that I would not get any award in his interview previously.”



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