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(Did Someone Tell You Something?)

She could not even open her mouth!

In the end, she could only whimper and grit her teeth and bear this grudge against Han Zhuoli in her heart.


The next day, Lu Man went to school. She did not expect that the counselor Teacher Liang would come and find her the very next day after she had just discussed matters with Han Zhuoli the night before.

“Lu Man, Year 2 is about to come to an end. When Year 3 comes, it will be time to confirm the names of the students going on exchange to learn performing arts at New York University,” Teacher Liang said. “As you are the champion of the Chinese Arts Championships, you will directly be offered a chance to go to New York University as an exchange student according to the reward for it previously, so you don’t need to go through the test given by the school. I’m telling you about this today, so you can make the necessary preparations beforehand.

“I have some materials explaining the things you’ll need to prepare for the exchange. You can take them back to have a look and prepare everything necessary. Once you are done preparing, you can hand them to me as soon as possible before the school reopens for Year 3,” Teacher Liang said.

“Teacher Liang,” Lu Man immediately called when she saw Teacher Liang taking out the materials.

“Yes?” Teacher Liang was puzzled and paused for a moment.

“I wanted to tell you that I decided not to go to New York University as an exchange student. I will give up my slot so that other people who want to go more than I do can go,” Lu Man said.

“What’s wrong?” Teacher Liang was shocked. “Did someone say something to you? Lu Man, you got this slot based on your own capabilities. Don’t worry about all those gossips. You are fully deserving of getting a spot for this.”

Lu Man smiled in gratitude and explained, “It’s not that. No one said anything to me. It’s just like what you said, I earned this spot with my own capabilities. Even if someone really said something to me, I would not care either.”

“Then why are you not going anymore?” Teacher Liang was even more anxious than Lu Man. “It’s such a pity!”

“You know this too. I am married. If I go, it will be one whole year. I can’t bear to leave. Compared to this, I care more about my family and the people I love. As for not being able to go to New York University, it’s not really a pity to me. Everyone has different things they care about and value more. In my eyes, my family is more important,” Lu Man explained. “Furthermore, my husband is busy at work. If I go to New York, he will definitely want to visit me from time to time. That will be too tiring for him.”

“You…” Teacher Liang totally did not expect Lu Man to give up such a good opportunity just for this.

“I understand your kind intentions. This was something I decided on after much thought and consideration. I’ve also discussed this with my husband. He supports my decision as well, whether I choose to go or not to go. I thought about it for very long. In fact, I have been thinking about this ever since I got married to him, so this is not a decision that I suddenly came to.”

“Aish!” Teacher Liang could only sigh. “In that case, you can go back and think about it again. Anyway, you still have time this summer. Whenever you want to change your mind, just hand in the materials to me before school starts in Year 3.”

Teacher Liang passed all the materials to Lu Man and said, “Go back and think about it again. You’re still young. After marriage, life still goes on for a long time. Don’t give up on such a good opportunity so easily just because of this.”

Lu Man took the materials and thanked Teacher Liang.

Although she would not change her mind after she had decided, she still thanked Teacher Liang for her kind intentions.

She took the materials in case Teacher Liang did not give up and continued to persuade her.

Lu Man took the materials and went back to the classroom.

Not long after, she ended up being called into the principal’s office.

“Lu Man, I heard you don’t want to go to New York University as an exchange student anymore?” Principal Liu asked anxiously.



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