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(Get Ready for a Slap in the Face)

“Excellent results,” Principal Liu commented joyfully. “You’re still ranked first!”

He saw that Lu Man was not at all surprised, as if she had expected this outcome and was totally confident in her own results.

Principal Liu had nothing left to say.

This young lady knew herself a little bit too well.

Many a time, this made people such as him helpless, since they had nothing else to add.

The party involved had already calculated the outcome, and meanwhile, you were at the side blindly guessing. Whether you were betting on the person’s success or failure, the party involved would be unfazed.

The end results would often slap a whole bunch of people in their faces, making a fool out of those wildly speculating people.

“You’ve done exceptionally well.” Principal Liu felt that Lu Man’s results far surpassed the scope of what was taught.

Her capabilities were deeply ingrained in her, so her results would not be affected by trivial things.

No matter how busy she was, as long as she performed like usual, her skill would still be there.

Principal Liu said, smiling, “At first I thought the same as the netizens, that you’re too busy this year to care about exams, but who knew that your results would be this good? How do you find the time to manage everything?”

Lu Man grinned and replied, “There’s always time, it’s not like I never study. I always study at home even when I attend programs or during winter breaks.”

She always had this habit of watching those classic dramas and learning from there.

Lu Man even considered that when she was in her 40s and had accumulated experiences, she’d try her hand at being a director.

Currently, she was still studying acting, and she knew that Rome wasn’t built in a day and it was better to specialize. So she did not purposely go to study those things.

Still, she could not stop herself from noticing how to convey meanings through the camera and lighting and such.

This was helpful not only in learning to act but also for directing.

Not to mention, she had a wanna-be director brother-in-law, Han Zhuofeng. Being around him influenced her to a great extent.

She’d probably heard Han Zhuofeng talk about it so much, and because it helped in her acting, she had gained a deeper understanding regarding shooting and performing.

Principal Liu shook his head and laughed. “Many said that you depended on luck, but they don’t know how much work you put in. If everyone could be like you, they’d gain success too.”

“Hard work is one thing, but I’ve got to admit that I’m lucky,” Lu Man replied, smiling.

There were many people helping her along the way; she worked hard and had luck.

“You’re still first in the year this time,” Principal Liu said. “After the results are released to the students, the school will announce it on the website.”

When Lu Man was done at the school, she headed home.

And when she went on the Net, she saw netizens fighting each other because of her exam results.

Some claimed that Lu Man would do badly; others supported her wholeheartedly.

“If her results are bad, then you guys are waiting to get slapped. Wouldn’t it be ugly if she didn’t put in the effort just because she can go to New York?”

“The result’s not out yet, why are some people so smug? Are you so sure that Lu Man’s results will be bad?”

“Lu Man’s constantly on shows and film festivals. She only cared about these things, so how good are her results gonna be? Doesn’t the school care? Just because her husband is Han Zhuoli, she gets special accommodation?”

Liang Chengbing joined the fray. “A student should do what a student does—study in school. Or else what’s the point of going to school? Just to get a degree? I’ve never agreed with students attending too many activities.”



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