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(Han Zhuoli Spoke)

“I’ll handle Lin Jinshu’s matter,” Han Zhuoli told Lu Man. “You just rest.”

Otherwise, he’d feel useless, standing by the side and doing nothing as he watched Lu Man solve all her own problems.

“This time, I’ll make Lin Jinshu and Wang Qianyun return to the US instantly,” Han Zhuoli said coldly.

He had had enough of these two women.

Lu Man had seen the Han Family power at work—to exact revenge for Han Zhuoling, they had almost crushed the Xia Family.

There was no need for any massive manpower involved to fight Lin Jinshu, but what was at hand was more than enough.

Hence, even though Lin Jinshu had plans to expand her business in B City…

Her plans braked suddenly just as it started gaining momentum on the right track.

“CEO Wang, didn’t we have an agreement the previous time?” Lin Jinshu was shocked. “What made you change your mind?”

“I have no choice either. Why don’t you ask Han Zhuoli why he’s working against you?” CEO Wang asked for the sake of it. Now, everyone knew of the unhappiness between Lin Jinshu and Xia Qingwei.

As Xia Qingwei was Han Zhuoli’s mother-in-law, Han Zhuoli would obviously take her side and stand against Lin Jinshu.

“I’m just a small businessman, so how could I dare offend Han Zhuoli?” CEO Wang said.

“What did Han Zhuoli tell you?” Lin Jinshu’s expression changed.

CEO Wang laughed. “I’ve already said it, CEO Lin, I’m just a small businessman. How could I even see Young Master Han personally! I’ve lived for so long and never had the chance to speak to Young Master Han. It’s Young Master Han who released a statement saying he doesn’t like seeing you expand your business within the country. He never even instructed us to do anything and we already don’t dare to work with you.

“I’m just a small businessman, I really can’t offend Young Master Han. If he were to find out that there are still people cooperating with you even though he’d already spoken, I’m afraid I’ll be unable to bear the consequences. I’m not even as powerful as the Xia Family, and the Xia Family was almost ruined by them. My small company can’t take the beating,” CEO Wang said helplessly. “CEO Lin, have some sympathy for this small businessman who can’t go against the god-like Young Master Han. Our agreement shall come to an end here.

“Don’t contact me in the future. I know that it’s my bad for ending our agreement abruptly. I’d understand if you blame or hate me. If you succeed in expanding your business in the future, I wouldn’t think of having another chance of working with you. It’s what I deserve. When you’re doing well, I won’t go and beg you shamelessly. Let’s just let it be,” CEO Wang said.

Hearing that he’d already considered future possibilities, that even if she did excellently in the future, he still would not regret his decision now, Lin Jinshu had nothing else to say.

Lin Jinshu made countless similar calls like this, and all yielded the same results.

Just then, Wang Qianyun came back and threw her bag onto the sofa in frustration.

“How was it?” Lin Jinshu asked.

Wang Qianyun had recently started job-seeking.

Back when she worked for Mex, she did not save much of her salary.

Growing up in the States meant that the Western values on consumption were inculcated in her. Spending as much as she earned and not being used to saving.

Hence, when she became jobless, she lacked even the time to simply live on her savings.

She could only start looking for jobs immediately.

But even after she’d searched around, none of the companies were willing to employ her.

People now had yet to forget the series of opinions she’d made when she was with Attack Force and came here to publicize.



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