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(What Two Teams Can Do Together)

“Yes, people who know you will understand that you’ve always been this way, not caring for others’ sensibility.”

“I like you exactly because of this!”

“Yan Zhiqing’s actions this time around are really appealing! I’m a fan of Lu Man, and I’ve decided to be a fan of Yan Zhiqing.”

“Hello, fans of Lu Man, thank you for liking Zhiqing. We like Lu Man too.”

“Can’t go wrong with someone Zhiqing likes. She likes Lu Man, so we like her too.”

“Lu Man surely hit it off with Zhiqing’s personality. Both of them have similar tempers, no wonder they have a good relationship. Zhiqing’s way of doing things suit our tastes, so Lu Man will suit our taste too. ”

And that’s how two different teams of fans started interacting.

Xu Ningxian seized the chance to contact the chairman of Yan Zhiqing’s official fan club.

The two fan clubs immediately became sister fan clubs.

Not long after, Xu Ningxian developed a great relationship with the chairman of Yan Zhiqing’s official fan club and started calling her “Big Sis.”

And then, the two fan clubs published a statement at the same time.

Announcing that the two teams had become sister clubs.

Lu Man laughed as she appeared in the fan club chat. “My chairperson is so impressive!”

“Lu Man! It’s Lu Man!”

“Man Man, are you okay? Rest assured, we’ll always support you!”

“Post slower, or else Sis Lu Man’s would be lost!” Xu Ningxian said.

The administrator then set up a “stop chatting” function to let Lu Man speak first, or else it would be too confusing.

“Thank you, everyone, I’m fine. Everything’s settled now. Thanks for this time, everybody,” Lu Man said.

Because anti-fans had started criticizing her, her fans all stood up to defend her, not willing to be left out.

“Thank you for always believing in me and not getting swayed by the opinions, for standing resolutely by my side, for trusting me and supporting me.” Lu Man was touched, and everyone could hear it since she’d used voice-recording. “I’m really lucky to have such cute fans behind me. Because of you all, I feel especially confident and unafraid, no matter what I face, come rain or shine. Thank you.”

When Lu Man was done, the administrator turned off the “stop chatting” function.

The fans who could finally speak freely all showed their support for Lu Man.

“We’ll obviously support you. My Man is the best!”

“Rest assured, Lu Man, we’ll always stand with you!”

Lu Man chatted with them for an hour before exiting the chat.

And then the fans started dreaming with Yan Zhiqing’s fans about creating an alliance.

Lu Man’s fans would still chat within their own group occasionally.

“Chairman’s really impressive this time. As expected of someone working in public relations!”

“Hahaha, the chairman’s reaction was too fast! You actually went to make an alliance with Yan Zhiqing’s fans already.”

“Yan Zhiqing’s fans have a similar temper as Yan Zhiqing, everyone’s taking no sh*t from no one. Teaming up with them means that we’ll have increased fighting power no matter who we are going up against next time!”

“No need to wait,” Xu Ningxian said. “There’s a chance right now. Just now, we, the two chairpersons of the fanclubs, had a meeting with the administrators, and we agreed that we cannot let the anti-fans continue arrogantly. Weren’t they so impressive when they were roasting our idols? This time, we’ll let them see what two teams can do together.”

“That’s right. Yan Zhiqing gets scolded plenty on a regular basis. Her fans have already had enough. Now that there’s a chance to fight back, they’ve already started sharpening their knives,” an administrator said.



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