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(Speaking Bad About Lu Man Again)

“It’s better to learn early, and there’s so much to learn over there. But Lu Man just doesn’t put it to heart.” Teacher Liang shook her head. “But to each his own, everyone has their own opinions. Lu Man might be one of those who’d give up everything just for her family and her love. I just lack this opportunity, but if I had it, I’d have seized it with both hands and went, whatever it took. Even if not to learn, it’s good to experience more and broaden your horizons, lest we stay only on this tiny piece of land and forget how big the world out there is after a long time.”

Teacher Wang laughed. “Oh, you. Already married to your husband for such a long time. An old couple already, the youthful passion is long gone. Wouldn’t you feel relaxed to travel and not miss your husband after a year?

“Lu Man is a young lady and newly married. It’s their honeymoon period, so it’s normal for her to not bear separating from her husband. Moreover, just like you said, she won’t lack any chances with Han Zhuoli behind her. She might not even think much about going on an exchange program to New York,” Teacher Wang said. “It’s just a mere exchange. If she wanted, Han Zhuoli could even arrange for her to earn her masters and Ph.D. there. An exchange’s only for a year, what’s the big deal?”

Teacher Liang shook her head, smiling. “I just thought it was a pity. Furthermore, both schools will always have a friendly competition every year. Wouldn’t we have a better chance of winning with Lu Man?”

“Alright, this isn’t something we should worry about,” Teacher Wang said. “We also shouldn’t depend on Lu Man for everything. Don’t pressure her too much.”

Teacher Liang nodded, and the conversation came to an end.

Lu Qi’s thoughts had long flown out of the window, and unable to concentrate at her task, she ran over to ask, “Teacher Liang, is what you said true? Lu Man… my sister, she refused the chance to study in New York?”

Teacher Liang’s expression changed. How could she forget that Lu Qi was in the office as well?

She knew that Lu Man and Lu Qi had a bad relationship, and as a teacher, Teacher Liang tried not to treat her students based on personal biases.

But she was still unhappy that Lu Qi had heard of this matter.

Of course, she was the one to blame for forgetting about Lu Qi and speaking carelessly.

But since others would know about Lu Man’s decision sooner or later, Teacher Liang said, “That’s Lu Man’s choice, but we have to see if the school agrees. It’s not only me, the principal disagrees too. We just have to wait and see how it turns out.”

Teacher Liang told Lu Qi, “This matter’s still undecided, so don’t you spread it around, lest the students get into a tizzy.”

Lu Qi smiled. “I definitely won’t speak of it. But… I do know my sister. Once she has decided on something, she won’t change her mind. Plus, now that she has Young Master Han behind her, she probably doesn’t care one bit if others approve or disapprove.”

Teacher Liang frowned slightly. In just a few sentences, Lu Qi still managed to speak badly of Lu Man.

Compared to Lu Qi, Teacher Liang obviously liked Lu Man more.

Even though she had Han Zhuoli, she was capable by herself and did things honestly, not all sneaky and condescending.

Based on this one point, she was far stronger than Lu Qi.

After this incident, Teacher Liang decided that no matter what help was needed, she wouldn’t accept Lu Qi’s even if Lu Qi volunteered.

Or else Lu Qi might hear something else again. How dangerous.

“Haha.” Teacher Liang kept her composure. “Anyway, what I say doesn’t matter. It ultimately depends on the principal’s decision.”


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