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(What Do You Think?)

In the video, Lin Jinshu was walking when someone suddenly rushed over with a pail.

The perpetrator wore a cap and a mask, hiding his face.

When he got to Lin Jinshu, he then splashed the pail of paint on her and left immediately after.

The whole thing happened so fast, no one could react.

The image showed that only Lin Jinshu was left there, screeching non-stop.

People around her were pointing at her, but none were stepping forward to help.

Some even made sarcastic remarks. “Already like this and she still dares to walk on the streets?”

“Better get back to the States fast. There’s no place for you here.”

“Serves you right!”

“What are you looking at?” Han Zhuoli got out of the showers and saw that Lu Man had already washed herself clean, her skin pink and fresh.

She was leaning against the headboard and scrolling on her mobile when Han Zhuoli came over.

As he drew near, he could smell the scent of Lu Man’s moisturizer.

Lu Man turned and saw that Han Zhuoli came out without drying his hair, the perfume of his shampoo still thick in the air.

She put down her phone and went to get the hair-dryer from the bathroom. “Sit.”

Han Zhuoli sat on the bed.

He sat with his legs crossed, but because he was too tall, Lu Man had to kneel behind him to reach his head.

She spoke as she dried his hair. “I thought that the netizens’ enthusiasm would blow over pretty quickly about Lin Jinshu’s affair. Who knew they’d persist for so long?”

“Her website crashed, and after it was fixed, the netizens went to overload the server again. And since none of them were purchasing, she could only close the website. Otherwise, every minute the server runs would cost money, and she’s not profiting from anywhere. Moreover, she’s still at the investment stage. It seems that she can’t recoup her losses any time soon. So she can only stop for the moment.” Han Zhuoli closed his eyes, utterly comfortable with Lu Man’s ministrations.

Lu Man’s fingers threaded through his hair, massaging his scalp as she blew on it. Han Zhuoli was so relaxed he almost fell asleep

He then leaned back against Lu Man’s soft and warm body, and he was almost in heaven.

“She has no chance of restarting as long as she doesn’t stop,” Han Zhuoli said with closed eyes. “She’d probably give up by next week.”

When Lu Man’s done, she smacked his forehead lightly. “Did you not dry your hair before you sleep when you’re working overseas?”

“No, no, I did blow-dry it.” It’s just that it was a perfunctory move; his hair was still wet after that.

“You’ll get a headache if you keep doing that.” Lu Man put the hairdryer down and massaged his head. “Don’t do that in the future.”

“Okay.” Han Zhuoli leaned comfortably in Lu Man’s embrace.

“Oh, right, didn’t they say that the champion for the Chinese Arts Championships would get a direct chance to be an exchange student at New York University?” Lu Man said. “Though the school hasn’t approach me, I think they will soon. Because we have to go for an exchange there in my junior year.”

Han Zhuoli froze momentarily. He had forgotten about it.

He held Lu Man’s wrist, his thumb drawing circles on the inner side. “What do you think?”

If it were up to him, he wouldn’t be able to bear for Lu Man to go to New York to learn about performing.

He couldn’t bear not seeing her for a whole year.

However, he wouldn’t be so selfish as to stop Lu Man from going.

Lu Man had her own career. She was a capable lass, and he was not willing to dim her shine and bury her talents by forcing her to stay at home and be a housewife.



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