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(The Proof Speaks for Itself)

“Goodness, Liang Chengbing’s words stereotyped a lot of people! Lu Man’s not the only one who attends events during the term breaks. There’s still Zhang Xiaoying, Fu Kaiqi, Chang Yachen, and many others! Director Liang, aren’t you attacking too many people at once?”

“Attack Lu Man all you want, Liang Chengbing, but what do you mean by bringing our Kaiqi into this?”

Fans of other celebrities also came out and rebuked Liang Chengbing.

“I must make myself clear, I’m not criticizing anyone else. As to Kaiqi, Xiaoying, Yachen, and the others mentioned by the netizens, I’m familiar with them and have good relations with them. They’ve only attended the normal events and those didn’t affect their individual student lives. I don’t think there’s a need to be so strict about that. I’m only talking about Lu Man,” Liang Chengbing hurriedly explained.

He was out to condemn only Lu Man, not to offend anybody else.

Han Zhuoli had already begun to shut him out.

The Han Corporation had clearly stated that from now on, none of his works would receive the Han Corporation’s investment nor appear in the Han Corporation’s cinema chains.

The Han Corporation would not prevent any of its artistes from appearing in his shows as long as he had convinced them.

But the Han Corporation’s artistes were no fools either. With the Han Corporation’s near-monopoly, they had enough films and roles to choose from within their own company.

Filming others’ shows were just icing on the cake.

Just like Sun Yiwu and Ji Cheng. Though they had their own companies, they were still signed under the Han Corporation, so the two major directors were the Han Corporation’s men.

There were also plenty of directors not under the Han Corporation, and Liang Chengbing’s not the only one.

Most famous artistes could afford to choose the roles they want, while Liang Chengbing did not want those who couldn’t afford to be picky and would accept any roles.

Hence, the Han Corporation had basically cut off the majority of Liang Chengbing’s choices.

The other investors were not simpletons either. If the film could not make it to the Han Corporation’s cinema chain, the local box office would have already lost at least half its potential earnings.

If even breaking even was risky, then why invest in Liang Chengbing?

As such, Liang Chengbing was stuck in a limbo where he had no shows to direct.

Even though he was not directing now, he did not lack the money thanks to the various investments across different areas such as real estate and hotels, in addition to the money he earned as a director after so many years. He could even retire now.

But to be forced into this circumstance by the Han Corporation made Liang Chengbing very frustrated.

He was a well-known director, yet he was forced into the fringes of the entertainment industry by the Han Corporation.

Since he was already in this state—not in need of money and with no shows to direct—he chose to go all the way and just focus on dissing Lu Man.

He was even crazier than Zhang Lun.

Lu Man’s fans were naturally upset. “What’s wrong with you, Liang Chengbing?! What d’you mean by others can attend events but Lu Man can’t? Pray tell, how does Lu Man’s attending shows affect her school life?”

“This is Lu Man’s schedule for the year. The proof speaks for itself.” One of Lu Man’s fans directly posted Lu Man’s schedule online.

“The first time Lu Man went on Classic X Files was during the winter break, during the Spring Festival break. There were no lessons then, so what would Lu Man affect by attending the program? The second time she went for filming, she’d taken only a day off. Even normal students like us take a day off when we’re unwell, so what’s the big deal about taking a day off? Lu Man has applied for leave only that one day for this whole year; do tell us, how did Lu Man affect her studies by filming? What a joke!”

“Lu Man’s attended three events in total this year. The first two when she went on Classic X Files and the third was when she attended the Fei Yue International Film Festival. Haha, I believe everyone knows without me saying, the film festival was held at night, and Lu Man had no lessons then. Now you’re saying that Lu Man neglected her studies for filming? Are you eating your words now?”



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