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(Useless Bum)

“I never thought that Han Zhuoli would actually make things difficult for me. I’ve never reaped earnings, but my dad and brother are the typical businessmen who focus on profits and rates of returns for investments. They’d rather give me money every month to spend lavishly than invest in me endlessly with no return in sight under these circumstances.”

He Zhengbai sighed. “So I’m thinking that, if I can’t get anyone to invest soon, I’d have to consider acting. I’d bear it even if I was a minor character. It’s better than being a loafer and being scorned all day by my dad and brother, to be looked down upon and treated as a good for nothing.

“At least now, I have my own career and it’s something I specialized in. They can’t compete with me on this. Even if it’s difficult and I earn less, it’s still my job and I’m not an idler. So, no matter what, I’m never going back. I have to persist.” He Zhengbai smiled bitterly. “Qi Qi, it’s not that I don’t want to help you. But now that they’re not even heping me, I…

“If I had money on hand, I’d help you without a moment’s hesitation,” He Zhengbai said sincerely.

Lu Qi lowered her eyes to conceal her thoughts.

She never expected that He Zhengbai’s position at home would be this bad.

Even if she married him in the future, she’d have nothing to gain.

She had no roles to play while He Zhengbai had no shows to direct.

His family clearly would not help him.

If she were to stay with He Zhengbai, what kind of a lousy life would she live?

They would not be poor exactly.

Both their families would not let them live poorly.

But with their unsuccessful careers, they’d be hanging their head low when they’re out socializing.

When speaking of their husbands, hers would be a wealthy scion, true, but with a failing career, he’d also be living on his family’s wealth and be unable to help her one bit.

Look at Lu Man—how much did she gain because of Han Zhuoli?

All her achievements right now were given by Han Zhuoli.

Look how high she could hold her head.

Lu Qi was silent for a moment before raising her eyes to look at He Zhengbai. “I really didn’t know that your situation is so bad right now…”

Lu Qi acted so kind and understanding. “If I’d known, I wouldn’t have made this request to you.”

“It’s okay, I just didn’t want you to worry.” He Zhengbai smiled bitterly.

“Then I’ll think of other ways. I’ll also look out for you, see if there’re any ways to help you,” Lu Qi said.

He Zhengbai appeared moved, saying, “It’s more than enough that you can understand me. On the other hand, it’s me that’s useless, unable to help you.”

Lu Qi thought so too.

She suddenly felt that it was meaningless having a tumble with him just now.

Lu Qi held down her unhappiness and pecked He Zhengbai on the lips.

He appeared more and more like an eye-sore now, the more she looked at He Zhengbai, this useless man.

Useless bum!

On the surface, though, Lu Qi smiled lovingly at him. She stood, saying, “Then I won’t bother you anymore. Go back to work. I’ll think of something.”

He Zhengbai held Lu Qi’s hand. “Alright, I’ll see you out.”

Lu Qi lifted her lips. Though he might be a bit useless, at least he knew how to protect her.

And, hence, under He Zhengbai’s protection, Lu Qi and he walked out of the office.

Since they did do it once, Lu Qi’s hair and clothes were visibly mussed.

Chen Yiming secretly bent and hid behind the desk partition, adjusted her phone to silent mode, and quickly snapped a few shots of the couple.



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