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(What Did You Call Me?)

She was about to fall asleep in her car, yet she did not dare to fall asleep, lest she missed the time when Han Zhuoli came out.

“Brother-in-law!” Lu Qi screamed. “Brother-in-law! Brother-in-law!”

Han Zhuoli’s expression turned cold almost instantly. He stared at Lu Qi icily as she walked towards him.

“What did you call me?” Han Zhuoli asked in a cold voice.

“Brother… Brother-in-law…” Lu Qi even looked shy and timid as she said it, acting as if she wanted to look at Han Zhuoli but did not dare to. She looked so timid and pitiful.

Han Zhuoli had only contempt for her. He thought to himself, Could He Zhengbai have been attracted by her false pretenses?

How blind could he be?

To be attracted to people like Lu Qi and not feel disgusted at all?

Anyway, he just felt disgusted even by just looking at Lu Qi’s face.

“I… I do have a conflict with Elder Sister, but I know I was wrong now. I also want to patch things up with Elder Sister,” Lu Qi said in a delicate voice. “But I’m afraid Elder Sister is still angry with me and will not forgive me. Brother-in-law…”

Han Zhuoli laughed coldly. “Don’t talk about Man Man’s character and how she will never forgive you. Even if she is willing to forgive you, you can forget about calling me Brother-in-law.”

Lu Qi batted her big eyes at him.

Han Zhuoli was heard saying, “Because you are not worthy.”

Han Zhuoli pursed his lips. “Really, all sorts of people like to come and claim they have ties with me. When He Zhengbai was with Man Man back then, did you also call him Brother-in-law? You call me Brother-in-law now, but I’m afraid that next time, you’ll want to call me ‘Hubby.’ Am I right?”

Lu Qi’s face turned pale before it turned red. “No! I… I never had such a thought!”

It was as if she had been bullied by Han Zhuoli. Her eyes turned watery as if she was about to cry.

“If Man Man would forgive you, then she would not be the woman I like,” Han Zhuoli said very confidently.

He stared arrogantly and disdainfully at Lu Qi. “If you really want to mend ties, go and find Man Man. Why are you blocking me here?”

He said the exact same thing as Zheng Tianming.

Lu Qi bit her lip and said, “I… I’m afraid Elder Sister would not want to see me or forgive me. I really truly want to patch things up with Elder Sister.”

“You are also not worthy to say the two words, ‘Elder Sister.’” Han Zhuoli scoffed and said, “Enough, stop talking nonsense with me. You came to find me because you want me to ask your school to cancel your punishment so that you’ll have a chance to compete for a spot to go to New York for the exchange program?”

Lu Qi glanced at him in a timid and bashful manner before she suddenly blushed.

Han Zhuoli was utterly turned off by her.

When Lu Man blushed, it was exceptionally pretty. She looked so beautiful that it made him want to do all kinds of naughty things to her.

However, looking at Lu Qi now, he felt only disgust and nausea.

Lu Qi nodded her head timidly and said, “Yes. I did come here to ask you about this matter. I wanted to apologize to you personally and let you know of my sincerity. I won’t go against Elder Sister again next time. As long as… as long as you help me with this small issue, I will do anything you want me to do.”

Lu Qi smiled shyly and, who knew if she did it deliberately or if it was really a coincidence, she just had to lick her bottom lip at this moment as she said, “I know quite a lot of things, definitely more than Elder Sister.”

Han Zhuoli was about to puke now.

Han Zhuoli did not bother wasting time talking to her. He just took out his phone and made a call.

“Principal Liu? It’s me, Han Zhuoli,” Han Zhuoli said.

Lu Qi was evidently surprised. She did not expect Han Zhuoli to actually agree to her request so readily.

She thought she had to plead with him incessantly before he would agree. Who knew…

Lu Qi stared straight at Han Zhuoli with love in her eyes.



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