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(Retaining Her Spot)

“If the result is not bad, the school can apply for leave on your behalf while you retain your spot. When it is time for the competition, you can go over then,” Principal Liu said.

Lu Man was stunned for a moment. She did not expect such a move to be possible.

After all, the spots were divided among four different schools. Principal Liu did not have the final say in this.

Lu Man did not expect the principals from the other three schools to agree.

So Lu Man asked about it.

“Of course they agreed. They know about your capabilities too. This is undeniable. Since there is a chance of winning, we shouldn’t stop it from happening. Although we are constantly competing among ourselves, at critical moments, we still have to consider the big picture.” Principal Liu looked at Lu Man and said, “Lu Man, you have to agree with me on this. You won’t have to spend the whole year in New York. You’ll just need to go when it’s time for the competition. It won’t exceed a week. Is this okay?”

Principal Liu really tried his best.

Lu Man would not agree to go to New York no matter what. Principal Liu could only try his best by having her retain her spot. He could be said to be especially sincere.

Although Principal Liu did not say it, Lu Man also knew that it had not been easy for him to convince the other three principals.

He’d have had to convince Principal Zhang from the National Drama Academy, which was already very hard to do.

Aside from the fact that the National Film Academy and the National Drama Academy had been competitors with each other all this while, Lu Man had even had a conflict with the National Drama Academy before.

The more honor she had achieved for the National Film Academy, the worse it had hit the reputation of the National Drama Academy.

Principal Zhang might be very unwilling to let Lu Man hold on to this spot and still not go to New York.

Without Lu Man, both the National Drama Academy and the National Film Academy could send out another student of their choice.

Furthermore, even if she went, they might not necessarily win against the opposing team.

If it was not a sure win, Principal Zhang was unlikely to be convinced.

She wondered how Principal Liu had managed to convince him.

However, since Principal Liu had already done his part up until this point, it would not be good for Lu Man to reject it.

A week was not a long time, so she nodded. “Since you already said so, I will definitely have to agree.”

“Good!” Principal Liu patted his thigh happily. “I was really afraid you wouldn’t even want to go for a week. It’s fine if you can go. You don’t have to win for sure, but you definitely cannot lose too badly. That would be enough.

“You have the materials with you. You should just prepare them all and hand them in to Teacher Liang,” Principal Liu said.

Lu Man agreed.

When she was about to leave, Principal Liu laughed. “I saw that the netizens online are all concerned about your final exam results, eh?”

Lu Man laughed. “I didn’t expect everyone to remember.”

As for the final exams’ results this time, Lu Man was pretty confident as well.

She did not put aside her studies just because she went on a show and got married.

She simply had a serious personality. As long as she was doing it, she would do it well and would not give up halfway.

She also did not become lazy about maintaining her results or think that they were not important anymore after she got a spot to go to New York.

It was because she had decided not to go to New York very early on that these things were not important to her.

Lu Man knew very well how her results would directly reflect the amount of effort she had put in.

“Haha, the results have also been out in school. We’re only waiting for you guys to come back before we release the results. I have a copy of it here as well.” Principal Liu stood up and went to open his drawer by the study table and took out a case file from within.

He opened the case file and took out a stack of result reports from it. The first one was Lu Man’s.



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