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(Making a Fool of Her)

Han Zhuoli did not seem as cold or aloof as he usually appeared to be!

Han Zhuoli noticed Lu Qi’s expression and immediately felt like puking.

He turned around, not willing to look at her. He heard Principal Liu laugh and answer, “Young Master Han.”

“I have something I want to confirm with you. It’s not something big,” Han Zhuoli said, smiling.

“Go ahead,” Principal Liu said, also smiling.

“I remember that the school had previously given Lu Qi a punishment, which is to revoke her eligibility to participate in the competition to go to New York as an exchange student,” Han Zhuoli said.

“Yes, I still remember this.” Principal Liu smiled and said, “What do you mean by this?”

“Nothing, I was just afraid that you forgot. Other people thought that the matter had happened so long ago that this matter would just go away and that other people would close one eye and let her off.”

When Lu Qi realized that Han Zhuoli’s words sounded more and more off, the seductive look in her eyes faded.

She stared at Han Zhuoli’s face nervously.

“Don’t worry, this matter definitely cannot be forgotten. How about this? Tomorrow, I will specifically hold a meeting with the teacher in charge and emphasize the importance of this,” Principal Liu said.

This was a small matter. It was no trouble at all.

Furthermore, he was even more confirmed that Han Zhuoli did not intend to let Lu Qi make a comeback.

He did not stand to lose anyway, so he would naturally cooperate.

“Good.” Han Zhuoli nodded. He glanced mockingly at Lu Qi and said, “I am just checking to confirm. You must, definitely, not let Lu Qi have a chance to participate.”

Lu Qi still did not know and thought that Lu Man’s spot would be empty.

However, Han Zhuoli knew clearly well, seeing that when Lu Man got the news from Principal Liu, she had already told him on the day itself.

Principal Liu would retain her spot, but she need not go to New York.

She just needed to be there when it was time for the competition.

Han Zhuoli did not object to this either.

Compared to before, when he thought she was going to be gone for a whole year, this arrangement could not be better.

Hence, when Lu Qi came to find him today, he knew that it was impossible for her to get anything out of it even without asking Principal Liu.

Even if Lu Qi was eligible to compete, there were many other students with better results than she did in the National Film Academy. She would not stand a chance.

Han Zhuoli purposely said this to Principal Liu in front of Lu Qi.

He just wanted to give her a slap across her face right in front of her, so that she would stop having such disgusting dreams.

Principal Liu actually found it weird on his end.

By right, Han Zhuoli should have known about Lu Man retaining her spot. It was impossible that Lu Man would not have told him.

However, this was their private affairs, so Principal Liu did not want to interfere in it.

If Lu Man really did not say it and he did, it would not be nice if any misunderstanding arose from this.

Hence, Principal Liu did not say anything.

After promising Han Zhuoli that Lu Qi would definitely not be eligible, he ended the call.

Han Zhuoli finally revealed a hint of a smile, which was really good-looking.

However, Lu Qi was not in the mood to admire him now.

She could not believe it. Was Han Zhuoli making a fool of her right now?

He even confirmed it with Principal Liu in front of her face to make sure that Principal Liu remembered it and definitely would not let her be eligible to participate.


“If you call me that again, you will be out of the entertainment industry for good,” Han Zhuoli said coldly. His gaze was filled with disdain and he did not conceal it at all.

Lu Qi’s self-esteem was thoroughly pierced by this look from him.

She was still a beauty nonetheless!

Even if Han Zhuoli had seen enough beautiful women in his life, he did not need to be so rude to her, right?!

Lu Qi’s face turned green and pale, but she finally heeded Han Zhuoli’s threat this time.



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