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Hence, everyone was picturing different outcomes during their discussion.

Every admin led a group of fans and started roasting back those anti-fans in a calculated manner.

Netizens on the sidelines were shocked at the magnitude.

“My god, Yan Zhiqing’s and Lu Man’s fans have actually united!”

“Goodness, the two fan clubs together? Their enemies stand no chance of winning!”

“Yan Zhiqing’s fans are fierce enough, just like Yan Zhiqing herself—settling matters outright if anyone’s unhappy. And they settle things like a bull, without any games or finesse, just scolding the person outright until he or she surrenders.”

“Lu Man’s fans are just like Lu Man too, dissing people in many different ways. They’d even once made their opponent the most searched person, humiliating him so bad! Only Lu Man’s fans could use such dissing methods.”

“OMG, I’m a bit scared now that these two fan clubs have joined forces.”

“Don’t be scared, commenter above, the ones who should be afraid are Liang Chengbing and the anti-fans.”

Just as the netizens were discussing, Lu Man’s and Yan Zhiqing’s fans arrived at the battle site—Liang Chengbing’s Weibo.

One admin of Lu Man’s ordered like a general, “First Team of the Great Army of the Goddess of Fury, follow me! Let’s make Liang Chengbing’s comments section explode!”

An admin of Yan Zhiqing’s said, “First Team of the Yan Family Army, Second Team of the Great Army of the Goddess of Fury, follow me and blow up Liang Chengbing’s Post It!”

Whoever it was in the team who was the funny one, that person kept shouting “Your enemies’ reaching the battle site in 5 seconds!” in his mind as he entered the Post It.

Liang Chengbing’s Post It had few people in it, mostly discussing the movies he had filmed.

All that’s left on the screen after the two teams had entered were just fans of Lu Man and Yan Zhiqing.

Just then, someone from the Yan Family Army said, “Liang Chengbing switched off the comment function on his Weibo.”

“Then repost!” an admin of the Yan Family Army said. “Second Team of the Yan Family Army, follow me!”

As such, the Yan Family Army’s second team and the Great Army of the Goddess of Fury’s first team reposted Liang Chengbing’s Weibo post until it reached the hundred-thousands.

This was the best record ever for Liang Chengbing.

“D*mn, the two fan clubs must’ve gone crazy. I’m feeling sorry for Liang Chengbing.”

Liang Chengbing was in a daze, sitting on a chair and eyes popping in disbelief.

At this time, under the massive wave of attack by the fan clubs of Lu Man and Yan Zhiqing, all the work done by paid commenters and official companies became utterly useless.

Liang Chengbing panicked and turned to Li Yibo. “What now? Is my Weibo even seeable now? What do we do now?”

Li Yibo also became flustered, freezing for a few moments before saying, “I’ll gather everyone to discuss and give a solution as fast as possible.”

Not waiting for Liang Chengbing to say anything else, Li Yibo hurried out of Liang Chengbing’s office.

Meanwhile, Lu Man’s and Yan Zhiqing’s fans were continuing their attacks.

“The rest of you, follow me and make him the top hit!”

Thus, Liang Chengbing, for the first time in his life, became the first among the most-searched people on Weibo.

Yes, the first time ever.

He might be a relatively famous director within the country, but his fans were still far fewer than those popular celebrities.

He’d never even appeared on the “most searched” list for a long, long time.

The one time he did, it was bought by him to publicize his movie.

There was a specific place for bought searches, and it would never be placed at the top of the list.

It was easy to tell who bought searches.

But now, the topic “Liang Chengbing is a real hypocrite” was number one, followed with an eye-catching red “explosive” word.



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