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(There’s No Point Going)

Lu Man thought that nothing would change even if she went.

Principal Liu really overestimated her.

In fact, the team surely included a few who hated her, and if she did join, it would have affected the team’s unity and created many more problems.

Lu Man did not bother insisting on her point with Principal Liu. She won’t be handing up the materials needed when the time came.


In the blink on an eye, Friday rolled around. Thankfully, there were only morning lessons on Friday.

Lu Man hurried back to Yi Garden the moment class ended.

When she arrived, Wang Juhuai had already ordered most of the stuff to be moved to the new villa and only a few more items were left to be transferred.

Lu Man went straight to the villa and saw Wang Juhuai and Xia Qingwei packing.

“Dad, Mom.” Lu Man entered the door as Wang Juhuai was unboxing.

“Back so early?” Xia Qingwei, who had been packing in the bedroom, reached the bottom of the steps and glanced at the clock. “Oh, it’s almost noon!”

Xia Qingwei hurriedly said to Wang Juhuai, “You’d better call Wei Zhong and the others over to have lunch first before continuing.”

“Alright.” Wang Juhuai never once disagreed with Xia Qingwei’s words and went to call them.

“Butler Wei’s not here?” Lu Man asked.

“Wei Zhong brought a few people over to the old flat to move our things. Juhuai and I stayed here to pack,” Xia Qingwei replied. “We’re almost done. I’ve taken a few of our more important and private things here first.”

“It’s quite a rush now, why don’t we order delivery? Or else it’d be a long wait to cook,” Lu Man suggested.

“Alright. I disagreed originally when your dad wanted to find a cook. I’m a good cook, and I don’t mind cooking for you all. If he didn’t want me to be tired, he just has to find someone to help with purchasing groceries. Well, today’s the day we move and the cook also followed Wei Zhong there. Even I got so busy I’ve forgotten about lunch,” Xia Qingwei explained.

Lu Man smiled and ordered a few dishes.

Not long after, Wei Zhong brought the people over.

“Everything’s all packed, this is the last trip,” Wang Juhuai said as he entered.

During lunch as everyone sat down to eat, Lu Man told Wang Juhuai and Xia Qingwei about her decision not to go to New York for the exchange program.

Xia Qingwei had no objections since she was rather traditional.

She thought that it would not do for one to be separated from one’s husband for a long time.

Lu Man’s decision meant that she placed more emphasis on her family.

That was good.

Looking back when one has lived to a certain age, one would come to realize that work, career, and whatnot aren’t actually that big a deal.

No matter how successful your career was, you’d still feel the emptiness when you have free time and take a rest.

When you’ve finally realized that family was more important, it seemed that the family would also be gone.

Wang Juhuai would not object, even saying joyfully, “There’s no point going. It’s the same wherever you choose to expand your career. It’s the experience that counts.”

“I think you’ll just agree with whatever decision Man Man makes.” Xia Qingwei laughed before asking Lu Man, “You’ve discussed this with Zhuoli?”

“Yep. He thought that I’d go and even considered handing matters here over to Big Brother while he accompanied me to the States for a year,” Lu Man said. “But I know he likes it less if I go, so I won’t. Anyway, going to study in New York holds not much appeal for me. I’d much rather stay and accompany you guys.”



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