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(How Can She Scold Him When He Was Praising Her Like This?)

Han Zhuoli was especially pleased.

Lu Man might be so skinny and light that he could prop her up with just one hand.

However, this little girl was not lacking at all in the parts where she should have more meat.

She did not have any fats on her waist, and her abdomen was flat as well, slender and milky white…

His little girl was truly top-grade!

Furthermore, her waist and legs were all slender. Her legs were long, straight, and slim, yet her butt was perky.

Her butt was not flat at all. It was meaty but not too fat, and perky.

Her legs were so firm as well.

In addition, when she wore shorts in the summer, her thighs would not even shake a little when she walked.

Han Zhuoli especially loved watching Lu Man walking while wearing shorts. She looked energetic and pretty.

When he was satisfied from touching her, Han Zhuoli said, “But you don’t lack at all in the places where you should have meat.”

Lu Man was finding it very hard to control herself with him touching her like that.

When she heard him say this, her face instantly blushed.

His breathing consistently caressed the side of her neck, making her feel a tingling sensation. The patch of her skin on the side of her neck turned red as well.

Han Zhuoli laughed in a low voice. His low, hoarse laughter vibrating out from his throat was especially seductive.

His hot lips planted a kiss on the sensitive side of her neck. “How did my little girl grow? You grew so well everywhere.”

He had already decided that even if Lu Man went to New York, he would also shift his work to go and accompany her there.

Yet now that he knew she was not going, he was really very happy, to tell the truth.

Nothing could make him happier than knowing that he could stay by his wife’s side at home.

This might make him sound like a useless bum, but that was what he really felt.

“You are right. You have opportunities all around. Going to New York to learn acting is not the only one.” Han Zhuoli chuckled. “With me around, you have much more and better opportunities to go and learn. Improving from real experience is much better than simply learning alone.”

“Yeah, that’s what I think too.” Lu Man hugged Han Zhuoli’s arms that were wrapped around her waist. “Aiya, how is my man so awesome? It’s precisely because of you that I can have the confidence to reject matters like going to New York to learn. If it were someone else, they definitely would not reject it, right? Without you, I think it would not be possible that I would reject such an opportunity either.”

Han Zhuoli tightened his hug around Lu Man. We will have better opportunities waiting for us in the future.

His wife was not leaving anymore. Han Zhuoli could finally ease a part of his heart. He turned his head to look for Lu Man’s lips.

He cupped both his hands around her waist and easily flipped her around to face him as he kissed her while pressing her against him.

Lu Man suspected that this man felt a sudden surge of boundless energy when he met with something that made him happy. Just his hold on her alone was tight enough to make her feel as though she was trapped between two steel bars, unable to break free from them.

Lu Man could not help but chuckle. This man indeed did not want her to leave either.

She did not make the wrong choice.

However, not long after, Lu Man regretted telling him her decision so early.

This man got so happy that he became more and more excited and aroused.

It was no use even if he got kicked by her. He just came at her at once without even stopping.

He even had to say while he was at it, “Man Man, you’re really nice.”

How could she scold him when he was praising her like this?



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