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(Lu Qi Caught Wind of It)

“Stop scorning, person above. You can receive it too if you manage to get Han Zhuoli to marry you. But can you? You can’t, so shut up please.”

“Han Zhuoli’s certainly part of the reason the National Film Academy is backing Lu Man, but there’s nothing to disparage about that since this is human nature. I don’t believe Lu Man’s anti-fans would insist so in front of Han Zhuoli.”

“True, anyone can be a keyboard warrior. What’s more, Lu Man’s done no wrong, so what’s wrong with the National Film Academy supporting her? Wait until Lu Man’s done something wrong and the National Film Academy is still backing her before you diss.”

“But still, when’s the National Film Academy releasing the results? We’re still waiting!”

The netizens started pressing.

The editor of the National Film Academy’s official Weibo account was currently in Principal Liu’s office.

After getting the results from Principal Liu and scanning them into the computer, the editor then cropped the top ten results and posted it online.

“My god, Lu Man’s first again!”

“She’s awe-inspiring! Is she still human? Going on shows and fighting Liang Chengbing, getting married in the middle, and the end result is getting ranked first!”

“These words are for the students ranked behind Lu Man. Lu Man’s so busy and yet she can still be first. You guys are always at school, why can’t you all surpass Lu Man?”

This netizen even tagged a few who didn’t like Lu Man, including Zhang Xiaoying, Zhuang Tingting, Fan Xiyue, and the others.

Seriously, this netizen had a good memory.

In the list, except for Zhang Xiaoying who maintained a position within the top ten at the fourth rank, the other two did not even make it to the top ten list.

Being tagged by the netizens made them furious enough, especially those who did not make the list, but they even got snarked by the netizens.

There were so many who did not make it, was there something wrong with the netizen’s brain? Why emphasize only them?

“Real smooth. Lu Man’s not here, yet her results could still slap faces. She’s truly the Goddess of Fury.”

“She’s ingrained herself as the Goddess of Fury in our hearts.”

“My Goddess of Fury wins without any tricks.”

“No wonder Lu Man didn’t appear. Her results are so awesome. It was just a matter of time for the truth to slap faces. She didn’t need to waste her time clarifying herself.”

“Lu Man: I may not be here, but my legends are everywhere.”

“Hahahahaha, the anti-fans have short-term memories. Doesn’t it hurt getting the truth slapped in your faces so many times? Have your faces swollen yet?”

Lu Man looked at all the comments online—every single one, be it the good or the bad.

But even the bad ones could not affect her mood.

One could say that Lu Man had a good stress threshold.

She’d only laughed away the negative comments.


Lu Qi was not involved in any shows currently, so she specifically went to assist the teachers at the school during the holidays.

She’d hoped to leave a good impression so that maybe one day, a teacher could recommend to her a role to play.

On this day in the staff office, she overheard Teacher Liang chatting with other teachers as she was sorting out the files.

“I heard that Lu Man didn’t want to go to New York for the exchange?” Teacher Wang, who used the same office, asked.

Teacher Liang had yet to be informed of the principal’s decision, so she would not announce that Lu Man was staying to meet the exchange students from New York University for the time being.

Hence, with her back facing Lu Qi, Teacher Liang nodded to Teacher Wang. “That’s right. She is considering her family now that she’s married. She didn’t want to abandon her family for a whole long year, so she rejected it.”

Teacher Liang sighed in disapproval. “I think that it’s really a pity. What a good opportunity it is! Though she won’t lack the opportunity with Han Zhuoli around her, this was still a chance she’d earned herself. It’s more legitimate. It’d only benefit her to learn more when she’s still able to explore before her acting becomes fixed.”



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