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(Cannot Stand Me and Cannot Even Do Anything About Me)

“Gao Zishan came out to speak,” a netizen said.

Everyone quickly rushed to see. Gao Zishan posted a line that said, “For the Best Supporting Female Lead Award, I had voted for Lu Man.”

Gao Zishan’s words were simple, but it was enough for people to see through many things.

“Let me analyze this. Gao Zishan purposely pointed out that she voted for Lu Man for the Best Supporting Female Lead Award. This means that Liang Chengbing used the veto on the Best Supporting Female Lead Award to disqualify Lu Man. Although Gao Zishan did not say anything else, it is obvious that she meant that Lu Man should have been nominated.”

“The analysis by the person above is solid.”

“Cao Jingcheng also came out to speak!”

Cao Jingcheng: “I also voted for Lu Man during the judgment for the Best Supporting Female Lead Award.”

“Alright, now we already know of two votes. Among Sun Yiwu, Ji Cheng, and Yan Zhiqing, at least one of them voted for Lu Man, right?”

“Why are you all still guessing? The suspense is no longer there, right?! Cao Jingcheng said the exact same thing. Liang Chengbing abused his authority for personal vengeance. It’s like a nail in the coffin.”

“Haha, he actually has the gall to talk about Lu Man like that! He’s utterly shameless!”

Seeing the change in the discussions online, Lu Man knew that she had successfully shifted the suspicion on the fairness of her getting an award to Liang Chengbing.

Next, Dong Qinrong also came out and said that he voted for Lu Man.

“This is already three votes. I don’t believe Sun Yiwu and the rest did not vote for Lu Man.”

This time, Sun Yiwu did not ask Lu Man. He just posted by himself and said that he too voted for Lu Man.

Ji Cheng and Yan Zhiqing also came out one after another to express their stand.

As she’d made a bet with Mou Danqiong previously, Mou Danqiong could not intervene with what Yan Zhiqing wanted to do now.

“That means, aside from Liang Chengbing, she basically got all the votes. No wonder Liang Chengbing shamelessly vetoed them all.”

“Haha, those haters can say Sun Yiwu, Ji Cheng, and Yan Zhiqing voted for Lu Man out of personal ties. Then what about Gao Zishan, Dong Qinrong, and Cao Jingcheng? The three of them have no prior connections with Lu Man at all and they did not know about Lu Man’s relationship with Han Zhuoli. What else can you haters say?”

Sun Yiwu: “I have a good personal relationship with Lu Man and treat her like my niece, but this does not mean I can give up my professional ethics. For the awards judgment this time around, I, Sun Yiwu, can swear to God that I definitely judged fairly and impartially. I did not disregard the other outstanding artistes just because of my personal relationship with Lu Man. If Lu Man’s performance was not good, I would not have voted for her either.”

Ji Cheng also expressed a similar view.

Yan Zhiqing: “I am someone with a straightforward and eager temperament. Those whom I dislike or can’t stand, I won’t give any face to. It’s the same for the judging as well. If your acting sucks, even if you’re my own younger sister, I still won’t vote for you. Furthermore, I know Lu Man. She never needs this kind of friendship vote. What she wants is a fair and square vote. If it’s good, it’s good. If it’s not good, it’s not good. She never asks for anyone to falsify things for her.”

Although there were people who could not stand Yan Zhiqing, Yan Zhiqing also put on an “I just like to watch you guys not being able to stand me but not being able to do anything about me” attitude. However, it was also because of her frank attitude that she attracted a huge fan following.

And these kinds of fans were loyal to the core the moment they became a fan.

They all came out to support Yan Zhiqing and said, “Wise words, Zhiqing!”

“Nice one, Zhiqing. I just like your frank and no BS attitude!”



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