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Lu Qi bit her lip. What a pity. Had she used this trick on a male teacher, he might have taken pity on her.

But she was dealing with Teacher Liang, a female, and she would not fall for her trap.

Teacher Liang even despised her style.

Only to hear Lu Qi question, “Ms. Liang, if my sister isn’t joining, then there’d be an empty slot. Will the slot be left for our school or given to the National Drama Academy?”

“Hard to say, because Lu Man won the spot through the Chinese Arts Championships and not through the school’s test. Even if her spot is empty, it’s unclear if it’ll be given to the National Film Academy or to the National Drama Academy, or maybe the two schools will compete for the spot.” Teacher Liang chose her words carefully when dealing with Lu Qi; she always left some leeway.

“But our school has only three places in total, including Lu Man’s, and the National Drama Academy also has three. Originally, we maintained the three spots and never fought for more because Lu Man’s our school’s student. If Lu Man doesn’t go, then our school will be left with two spots. By right, the third spot should still be our school’s, or else our school will be missing a place and that’s not right.”

Teacher Liang gave no reply to that, merely repeating, “My words don’t count either, so we just have to wait for the school’s leaders to speak.”

“But if, I’m saying if,” Lu Qi persisted, “if Lu Man is not joining for sure and her spot is empty, can we fight for it? Through our results?”

Teacher Liang smiled and said, “If I remember correctly, your right to compete for a spot on the exchange program to New York University was removed because of your mistake. Isn’t that right?”

Lu Qi gagged. She had not forgotten that.

It was because Lu Man had the spot and only two were left; she did not have much to compete with, so she gave up.

But now, she knew that there might be a possibility of a slot opening up. Lu Qi felt that she had a chance to compete for it.

Moreover, the punishment was so long ago. She never expected that Teacher Liang would still remember it.

However, Lu Qi was still confident.

Since, apart from Lu Man, the people in the class who could possibly make it were just the usual few.

The school couldn’t not care about their line-up just because of her punishment, could they?

Punishments could be modified, but they could not lose the friendly exchange competition to New York University badly.

Knowing that she was capable but not putting her to use? The school’s leaders were no fools.

They would still consider the picture and put the school as a unit first.

Lu Qi said nothing then. The most urgent matter was to think of ways for the school to cancel her punishment.

She rushed to finish her tasks and left in a hurry.

Totally unlike the previous times when she stayed back to ask this and that, and even asked to treat the teachers to a meal.

She called He Zhengbai the moment she got inside the car. “Zhengbai, where are you? I’ll go find you.”

“I’m in my office.” He Zhengbai glanced at the woman on his lap. As she was about to kiss him, he tilted his head so her kiss landed at the corner of his lips. “What is it?”

“I’m going over now, there’s something important going on,” Lu Qi said.

He Zhengbai frowned. Because he moved his head, the woman in his embrace kept kissing his face and neck.

“Now? I’m quite busy. Must you come over right now? If there’s no hurry, you can come later,” He Zhengbai said.



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