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(Feel the Respect Just from Mentioning His Name)

As Lu Man’s and Yan Zhiqing’s fans were fighting on the frontlines, Lu Man was also busying herself with contacting Da Xiong.

“Lu Man, how could you leave me out of this?! You have such a huge thing going on with Han Zhuoli and you never even told me in advance so that I could have a big scoop!” Da Xiong joked.

Lu Man laughed in apology. “I’m sorry, that was an unexpected occurrence. We didn’t even plan to make our relationship known. Rest assured, I’ll definitely tell you first if I have any major scoop. Really sorry for this time.”

“Sigh! I’m just kidding!” Da Xiong said lightheartedly. “Everyone knows why you both didn’t want your relationship known; I won’t be so rude as well.

“Oh, right, what do you need me for?” Da Xiong asked.

“I have proof that Liang Chengbing asked his company and paid commenters to flame me,” Lu Man said.

Da Xiong’s eyes sparkled on the computer screen. “You wish to give it to me?”

“That’s right, didn’t you want some juicy news? Is this juicy enough for you?” Lu Man smirked.

“Enough, enough,” Da Xiong said hurriedly, “We paparazzi are having a hard time nowadays too! We’re following everyone and anything, but there’s not a single bit of news at all. Sometimes we manage to get something, but their PR teams were polite enough and we couldn’t do anything. The netizens don’t know anything and thought that our company is incapable. There’s finally something to publish this time.”

The evidence was gathered by Han Zhuoli’s men and Lu Man could not personally intervene, so she handed them over to Da Xiong.

Not long after, Da Xiong posted them under the company’s name.

“There are two batches of people who started flaming Lu Man today. One has been found, the other has yet to be discovered. I’m putting up what I’ve found so far.”

A few pictures followed immediately after.

They were snapshots of a chat between an employee of Liang Chengbing’s company approaching paid commenters, the asking price wanted by the commenter, and Liang Chengbing’s request.

“D*mn, how shameless is Liang Chengbing? No wonder Lu Man’s and Yan Zhiqing’s fans are so upset. Everyone’s minding their own business but he’s just so intent on Lu Man, even using underhanded means. This type of person should be avoided as far as possible, or else we’d be harmed by him long before we knew when we’ve offended him.”

“Sounds of Winter is premiering soon, isn’t it? With morals such as his, I won’t even watch the movie no matter how good it is. It’s disgusting.”

“Liang Chengbing thought that as long as he didn’t appear himself, no one would know that it’s him. Now that he’s been found out, how stupid he must feel! See how Han Zhuoli’s gonna deal with him.”

“Wowowow, I’d have forgotten if you hadn’t mentioned it. Lu Man’s now different from before. Not only does she have Wang Juhuai, but she’s also got Han Zhuoli, that ace. My god, I feel the respect for him just from mentioning his name. What’s happening?”

“Hahahahaha. Remember when Lu Man was still dating Han Zhuoli and Zhang Lun offended Lu Man? Han Zhuoli directly reduced his film’s schedule to only 1%. All to support Red Tiger, which Lu Man starred in, and refusing to give slots to showcase Attack Force. Protecting his wife to the max.”

“To think that Liang Chengbing first purposely ruined any chance Lu Man had of winning the Best Supporting Female Lead, then found people to flame Lu Man. Can only give him some prayers now.”

“I now believe that Lu Man won the Best Newcomer Award all of her own accord, fair and square. Had Han Zhuoli intervened, would he have allowed Liang Chengbing to bully Lu Man like this and ruin her chance of winning the Best Supporting Female Lead?”



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