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(Acting Dumb with Her)

“Wait!” Lu Qi immediately called him. “I can only say that this has got to do with Lu Man. I will tell only him about this matter. If he doesn’t see me, I won’t say it, but he better not regret it.”

Lu Qi looked very confident, which made Zheng Tianming hesitate for a moment.

He did not believe Lu Qi himself, but for matters regarding Lu Man, he did not have the right to make such a decision.

He could only give Han Zhuoli a call and tell him exactly what Lu Qi had said.

“She can say it if she wants. If she doesn’t say, I don’t need to know it either,” Han Zhuoli said. “Just tell her that. With me around, do you think she can really hurt Lu Man even a little?”

People like Lu Qi were just flies.

Han Zhuoli understood it too well.

Of course he would not give Lu Qi a chance to meet him.

Or else, who knew what other tricks Lu Qi would pull?

“Understood.” Zheng Tianming did not end the call this time and just told Lu Qi that straight, so that Han Zhuoli could hear it for himself.

Lu Qi bit her lip and said, “I didn’t come because I wanted to hurt Lu Man.”

“Please continue.” Zheng Tianming nodded slightly.

Lu Qi went silent for a while. When she saw so many people walking around, she said, “Can we find a convenient place to speak?”

“Sure,” Zheng Tianming agreed readily.

Lu Qi was happy for a moment. She thought that Zheng Tianming would have to bring her to a guest room or something at least, right?

As long as she could go in, she had a chance.

Alas, Zheng Tianming walked ahead and brought Lu Qi to a corner of the building not far away.

“Alright. This place is pretty convenient,” Zheng Tianming said.

Lu Qi: “…”

Was this what she meant?!

Zheng Tianming was obviously acting dumb with her!

“If you have anything to say, just say it,” Zheng Tianming said.

Seeing that Lu Qi’s expression was not good, Zheng Tianming said, “If you don’t say it, I still have to go back to work.”

“I heard our school teacher say that Lu Man gave up on the opportunity to go to New York as an exchange student,” Lu Qi said. “If she doesn’t go, there will be another empty spot.”

Zheng Tianming raised his eyebrow. Lu Qi bit her lips before she continued, “Because of some issues previously, I was punished by the school and lost the chance to compete for a spot to go to New York. I came this time because I want to apologize to Young Master Han personally and hope that Young Master Han can forgive me and give me this chance to go and compete.”

“Alright, I got it. I will let CEO know,” Zheng Tianming said plainly and turned to leave.

“Wait!” Lu Qi called him and rushed up to Zheng Tianming to block his path. “I haven’t finished talking.

“I want to meet Young Master Han personally and personally apologize to him!” Lu Qi said insistently.

Zheng Tianming sputtered and laughed. “Actually, I’m very curious.”

Lu Qi stared at him.

She then heard Zheng Tianming say, “I also know why you had been punished by the school. The person you let down is Lu Man. You didn’t go and apologize to Lu Man, then why did you come here to apologize to our CEO? If you are really sincere, you should look directly for the person you let down to make your apology.”

Lu Qi’s expression froze.

Zheng Tianming pursed his lips.

Lu Qi was a dumb b*tch, yet she still had the gall to treat others as if they were as dumb as her.

“I really hope that Young Master Han can see my sincerity. I will definitely go and apologize to Elder Sister. However, I’m afraid Elder Sister… she might not accept it, that’s why I…” Lu Qi said it as if she was in a difficult position.

“Hey!” Zheng Tianming laughed. “Our CEO will definitely take Madam’s interests as his priority and respect her decision. Furthermore, the victim in this matter is Lu Man to begin with. Of course he will respect her opinion since she is directly involved in this. Did you think that even if Lu Man did not forgive you, our CEO will disregard Lu Man’s opinion for you? Or did you think that he would try and convince Lu Man to forgive you?”



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