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(Already a Flop Before Premiering)

“What a joke, then, for Liang Chengbing to have kept implying that he looked down on Lu Man, saying how she’s lousy and bad and all that, that there’s bias, that there’s unfair competition. In the end? He himself was the one abusing his power.”

“Let’s see how Han Zhuoli’s gonna deal with him.”

All the netizens were waiting for Liang Chengbing’s comeuppance.

Han Zhuoli did not disappoint them. Just as the netizens were discussing this, the Han Corporation’s theater chain’s official Weibo released a piece of news.

“July’s film showing schedule for the Han Corporation’s theaters.”

It was a simple statement accompanied by a picture of the schedule.

Everyone saw it and laughed.

“Han Zhuoli’s ruthless enough! Not even one slot for Sounds of Winter in theaters within the country. Not one!”

“Sounds of Winter is a flop even before premiering.”

The other three major theater chains had matched the Han Corporation’s theater chain before.

And they didn’t dare to go against the flow now.

In the first place, Liang Chengbing’s reputation had soured so badly that even Sounds of Winter was being boycotted by the audience.

Under such circumstances, the three major theaters would not go against the flow and arrange for more slots for Sounds of Winter.

Being refused screening by the Han Corporation’s theater chain, which dominated the local theater industry, meant that Sounds of Winter would not do well at the box office.

As such, other theater chains would obviously not want to suffer losses for it.

Hence, the other theater chains also released their movie screening schedules.

Though Sounds of Winter was not completely without screenings, what little it had were just symbolic.

Moreover, it was in the early morning, like 8 or 9 am.

Who would wake up so early and travel to the theaters just to watch a movie?

“Hahahahahahaha, Sounds of Winter is screwed.”

Liang Chengbing went to the meeting room, and Li Yibo and the others had yet to come to a solution.

They also saw the most recent news on the Net as they were discussing.

Now that Liang Chengbing’s here, they already knew what was up.

“So how? Is there a solution yet?!” Liang Chengbing’s really anxious now.

Liang Chengbing would not be too bothered no matter what the netizens said about him since everyone in this industry could handle the pressure of being criticized.

But this was regarding his box office success.

If the movie flopped and even suffered massive losses, who would look for him to direct movies in the future?

Li Yibo sighed, saying, “Now that it’s come to this, there’s no other way. It’s not likely to work even if you seek out top PRs like Wei Zilin and Lu Man.”

Not to mention, their opponent this time was Lu Man, one of the best PRs.

Lu Man would know every move they were going to make.

She would have made sure that she’d rendered every expected move of theirs completely useless.

So, no matter what they did now, it was useless.

“We’ve thought about it, and the best and only option for you now is to stay silent. Don’t say anything, don’t show your face anywhere, don’t care whatever the netizens say,” Li Yibo said.

“What about the movie?” Liang Chengbing panicked. “So I’m not supposed to care and just watch as my movie suffers losses?”

“That can’t be helped. Furthermore, it’s useless even if you try to apologize now as the public will think that you’re only forced into it by the current circumstances. Such apologies are useless and would be for the worse,” Li Yibo said.

“The obvious routes are out,” Li Yibo said. “If you can convince Young Master Han, ask him and Lu Man to stop working against you. Win Lu Man’s and Han Zhuoli’s forgiveness, and ask Lu Man to personally appear and make peace with you. Only this can stop things from worsening.”



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