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(Why Are You So Foolish?)

It would be unfair to her.

He had no right to stop Lu Man from improving herself.

Since Lu Man had the ability and her own career, not only he did not wish to bury her talents, but he also wanted to support her actively.

If she wanted to achieve bigger successes, he would always be behind her.

If she wanted to retreat into anonymity, he was capable enough to protect her as well.

He would support her no matter what she chose.

And since Lu Man had brought up the matter, she must have made up her mind.

Lu Man hugged his neck from behind, pecking his lips in the process. “Can you bear my going away for so long?”

“Of course not.” Han Zhuoli grabbed her as she was retreating and gave her a solid kiss. “But if that’s really what you want, I’ll support your decision. You have the ability, the talent; I can’t be the one to stop you and bury your talents. I’ll support anything that you wish.”

Han Zhuoli already started thinking. “Let me see, if you want to go on an exchange program to New York, I’ll shift the heart of my work to the States and let Big Brother oversee the operations here.”

Lu Man never thought that Han Zhuoli would’ve considered this far when she had yet to say anything.

She was so touched by this man’s consideration that she could cry.

Lu Man felt her throat tighten as tears starting welling up.

“I haven’t even said anything, why are you so foolish?” Lu Man’s voice was shaky.

Han Zhuoli put on a face that shouted “I’m smart!” while looking all so innocent.

Lu Man burst into laughter, her heart swelling with love.

Grabbing both sides of his face, she said, “I wanted to tell you that I want to reject it. I don’t want to go to New York.”

Han Zhuoli covered her hands with his. “Not going? You don’t have to give up this opportunity because of me.”

“You’re the reason indeed, and honestly, going to New York to learn acting doesn’t hold much appeal for me.” Lu Man smiled and said, “I’m actually not a career-minded person. I just wanted to do something well when I’m doing it. But I’m not overly ambitious beyond that.”

Han Zhuoli thought for a while and realized that that was really the case.

It wasn’t that Lu Man’s results were especially eye-catching.

It was just that the circumstances had forced her to produce those results. If it were otherwise, one wouldn’t know what results she would have yielded.

Not much else needed to be said for Red Tiger and Greedy Wolf Operation. It was because the other party started it first; they’d offended Lu Man thoroughly and made her retaliate.

Even the exam results prior to that were due to the student offending her and she went to make a bet with them.

Going further back, when she started working at the Public Relations Department at the Han Corporation, it was Dai Yiran’s provocation that had angered Lu Man.

Thinking back now, he found that this lass had a really hot temper.

Never get on her bad side.

“If we were still dating and haven’t married, I might have considered going to New York to study. But now, I’ve got you and this family, and we’re even planning to have a child! I wouldn’t abandon this family just for that. You and this family will always be first.” Lu Man pinched Han Zhuoli’s cheeks. “To be plain, I just can’t stand parting from you. Even if you say you’ll follow me to New York, I still can’t bear it.”

Since he was the head of the Han Corporation, what would it look like for him to follow her to the States?

“So, I don’t wish to go,” Lu Man said. “I merely wished to discuss it with you. I didn’t want to go anyway. It wouldn’t do even if you follow me to New York!”



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