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Ke Kebo had guessed it and gritted his teeth before saying, “Okay, I will do it right now.”

After ending the previous call, Lu Man was contacting Eight Skin Entertainment.

When he saw that she was done conversing, Han Zhuoli said, “You don’t need to worry about whether there’s evidence or not. The official channels of the film festival will be releasing a public announcement shortly.”

Not long after, Ke Kebo sent Han Zhuoli a message telling him that the public announcement had already been posted and that he can go and take a look.

Lu Man used her phone to search it up. Han Zhuoli hugged Lu Man so they could look at it together.

The official Weibo account of the film festival said, “During the process of judging this time around, there has been an incident where the one veto vote had been used inappropriately, causing the other judges on the panel to lodge a complaint. The original intention of the film festival in giving each judge one veto vote was to prevent unexpected situations where good films and good actors get sidelined.

“However, we did not expect the film festival this year to be used as a tool for personal vengeance. This led to an incident that was largely unfair to an artiste during the judgment process. In view of this incident, the organizers of the film festival had decided that, starting from next year onwards, the right of the judges to each have one veto vote will be rescinded. We will also have further discussions to come up with a new set of rules specifically for the panel of judges.

“Fei Yue International Film Festival is still very young and has many shortcomings. Compared to established international film festivals, we still have many areas to improve on. We ask for everyone to supervise us, support us, and be patient with us, as we grow together with the film festival.”

At such a moment, the organizers suddenly released a public announcement like this. It was really intriguing.

Ke Kebo remained reluctant to sever his connection with Liang Chengbing. Hence, in this public announcement, he did not name the person directly.

However, the netizens were not dumb either. Each of them was like Detective Conan.

The moment they saw this announcement, they immediately thought of Liang Chengbing.

“Did you guys notice? The public announcement specifically pointed out that only one person in this film festival used the one veto vote. This meant that the other judges did not use it. Combining this with what Eight Skin Entertainment had said previously, Liang Chengbing had been cut off precisely because he abused his veto vote. This matches with what was said about him.”

“Yeah, this is what I feel too. Liang Chengbing had been a judge for only a day, yet he was removed on the second day. He also said in his interview that he happened to have judged for the Best Actress and Best Supporting Female Lead nomination rounds. According to what Eight Skin Entertainment said, he made use of the veto to pull Lu Man down. What kind of situation would warrant the use of a veto vote? It is only when all the other judges have passed an affirmative vote, or when at least half of the votes have been affirmative. When he saw that Lu Man was about to get into the nomination round, he immediately took out his vetoing right to disqualify Lu Man.”

“Previously, someone posted a name list of the judges and said that Sun Yiwu and Ji Cheng had good relations with the Lu Family, and Yan Zhiqing had good ties with the Han Family, so she definitely knows Lu Man, and so Lu Man would have had votes based on personal relationships. Let’s not talk about whether the votes were given because of personal relations first. Whether Sun Yiwu, Ji Cheng, and Yan Zhiqing all voted for Lu Man because Lu Man was really fit for it, or because of their personal ties, we can leave that aside first. As for the remaining judges, aside from Liang Chengbing, there’s also Gao Zishan, Dong Qinrong, and Cao Jingcheng. Among the three of them, at least one of them also voted for Lu Man. When the number of votes exceeded the half-mark, Liang Chengbing felt that things were not looking good, so he decided to use his one veto vote.”

“According to the exposé, the three of them all voted for Lu Man. Liang Chengbing doing this is clearly abusing his authority for his personal vengeance. Of course the organizers of the film festival would want to revoke Liang Chengbing’s position as judge.”



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