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(Your Sister-in-law Hit Me)

Cheng Yian turned and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, it’s just Brother Zhuo being strange again. He’s insistent on me giving him an interview, but what am I to interview?!” Be that as it may, Nan Jingheng still waited patiently for Han Zhuoli to send him the information.

Not long after, Han Zhuoli sent him a few screenshots on WeChat.

It was about the stuff on Weibo.

Because he was occupied with playing with his kid, Nan Jingheng did not notice what had happened on the Net.

Nan Jingheng gave a snarky reply: “You sure it’s bitten by sister-in-law?”

Han Zhuoli: “Scram!”

Nan Jingheng: “Do you still want me to do the interview?!”

This time, Han Zhuoli did not type a reply but called directly.

“If it’s not left by your sister-in-law, then was it left by you?” Han Zhuoli said through gritted teeth.

“Godd*mn!” Nan Jingheng was stunned. “Bro, you can’t spout rubbish!”

To bite his lip? D*mn, the image is unbearable!

He was a straight-up straight manly man!

“I have only one woman and that’s your sister-in-law. If not her, who else can have given that bite? Are you an idiot? To actually question me!” Han Zhuoli fumed.

Who asked Nan Jingheng to ask such a dumb question? Obviously he had to retaliate and make him disgusted.

Since he was also a straight manly man!

Lu Man heard their conversation and found it to be getting increasingly out-of-hand.

She couldn’t hear what Nan Jingheng said at the other end, but she could guess from Han Zhuoli’s words.

What are they discussing this for?!

Lu Man huffed and kicked Han Zhuoli’s leg in exasperation.

How could he tell others about their intimate stuff!

Han Zhuoli stoically said into the phone, “Because of you, your sister-in-law hit me.”

Lu Man: “…”

Nan Jingheng thought about how, back then, Han Zhuoli got hit by Old Mrs. Han, and after marriage, he was getting beaten up by Lu Man. He couldn’t escape the fate of getting abused no matter what. That’s just his life.

“Jokes aside,” Nan Jingheng went back to seriousness, “what do you want me to do?”

“Some people are spewing nonsense on the Internet, so I’ll give an interview to directly clarify things,” Han Zhuoli said.

“Okay, give me a moment,” Nan Jingheng said. “I’ll find Nan Yin’s chief editor to do it for you. I’m not a professional. I”m afraid the effects won’t be so good.”

Han Zhuoli thought for a moment and pretended to be polite. “It’s so late, aren’t we disturbing others?”

Nan Jingheng laughed. Who’s Han Zhuoli acting for?

“No, no. Working in the news industry means having little time for rest. Even if it’s the dead of night, you still have to start working the moment news arrives,” Nan Jingheng replied.

Hanging up, he then contacted Nan Yin’s chief editor. “Cooperate well. When the interview’s done, publish it immediately. But you must publicize it well. Pace it properly and do not haphazardly publish it just because it’s a rush job.”

The chief editor promised that he’ll accompolish his mission perfectly.

And went on to contact Han Zhuoli.

The chief editor worked impressively fast, and within a short span of time, he appeared holding a camera at Han Zhuoli’s doorstep with a few of his associates.

Lu Man welcomed them in and felt strangely embarrassed. “Sorry for troubling you this late.”

“It’s rare that Young Master Han has agreed to an interview, so how is this troublesome? We’re lucky instead,” the chief editor said politely and brought his men in.

Auntie He had already prepared slippers for them, and when they were done changing, they wasted no time in setting up the camera and starting the interview.

“Because Young Master Han said that the interview’s not going to be long, mainly just to clarify the questions on the internet, we didn’t bring a filming camera over,” the chief editor explained.



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