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(What Nonsense Are You Thinking About?)

He still had this bit of confidence.

However, this did not prevent him from asking the question.

There was no reason for it.

It was as if his brain had released a surge of dopamine, which made him feel like asking.

To put it plainly, he was still very jealous that He Zhengbai was once her boyfriend.

Lu Man did not get angry. She was just shocked, with a look that said, “Why would you think so?”

Han Zhuoli’s old face blushed, as if he realized that by comparing himself to He Zhengbai, it was lowering his worth excessively.

“Forget it. Take it that I never asked.” Han Zhuoli felt that it was too stupid of him to ask this question. It was ruining his superior image.

Lu Man laughed as she hugged Han Zhuoli around the neck and said, “Of course it’s not because of He Zhengbai. As for him being snatched away, actually, I did not feel anything at all. I was angry, but that was because I felt that he made a fool of me. However, there was no feeling of pain. My sense of caution against Lu Qi comes from all my past experiences, not just because of He Zhengbai.

“Her snatching He Zhengbai away made me realize that actually, I did not have such strong feelings for him.” Lu Man looked at Han Zhuoli and continued, “But you’re different. Whoever wants to snatch you away, I will fight that person with my life!

“So, you’re not allowed to be snatched away. If… If one day, you really don’t like me anymore, I…” Lu Man thought about it and felt afraid. If there came a time when Han Zhuoli did not have her in his eyes anymore, she might really break down.

Up until then, she seemed as if she would not be defeated by anything.

However, she had a soft spot, and that was Han Zhuoli.

Her soft spot used to be Xia Qingwei, but Xia Qingwei had Wang Juhuai protecting her now, so she did not worry anymore.

Han Zhuoli was her only one.

Lu Man’s eyes had turned red now. “Even if other people come and snatch you away, you’re not allowed to look at them!”

Han Zhuoli regretted asking this question. He scared this little girl so badly for nothing.

Han Zhuoli hugged her waist tightly and said, “It’s my fault, I had to talk about such things that would never even happen.

“Man Man, Man Man.” Han Zhuoli hugged her tight, wanting to make her feel safe.

Lu Man seemed so small and fragile in Han Zhuoli’s arms.

She lay quietly in his arms, not saying a word.

Han Zhuoli was scared by her and immediately looked at her face. “Don’t scare me.”

Lu Man shook her head. “I’m fine. I’m just scaring myself.”

It was because she knew how hard it was for her in this life and how magical it had been so far.

She was still afraid now that one day, when she opened her eyes, she would return to the past when she still had nothing.

The thing she feared the most was waking up and not being able to see Han Zhuoli again.

This really scared her.

Her face was a little pale, as if she were a cat that had gone through a scare and was acting cute with him.

Lu Man hugged him tighter and pressed her face against his chest and rubbed against it.

Han Zhuoli found her lips and kissed her heavily, forcefully, entering her mouth and passionately entangling with her.

It made her feel his presence fully.

At the same time, he cupped her back with his palm and pressed her against him.

To make her feel his solid presence.

“I’m right here. Don’t be scared.” Han Zhuoli did not know what she was scared of, but he could feel her fear.

He thought that Lu Man was afraid he would really be snatched away by somebody.

“What nonsense are you thinking about? How can I like someone else? I can’t even like you enough,” Han Zhuoli said, biting her lip. “It will never be enough. No one can compare to you. No one. In this life, if I do anything to let you down, the Han Corporation will go bankrupt!”



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