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(Already Rooted in My Heart)

Lu Man suddenly felt guilty and lowered her eyelids, not daring to look at Han Zhuoli.

Han Zhuoli lifted her head up and said, “In this lifetime, be it my girlfriend, fiancee, or wife, you have been and will be the only woman in my life.

“I’m not saying nice words just to pacify you. You are my first girlfriend. Before you, I didn’t have any girlfriend, nor did I have any other woman. If you talk about one-night stands and those things, you are looking down on me. I won’t resort to doing those things. If I were not insistent at all, I won’t have remained single at thirty-plus years old before meeting you.”

Lu Man became even more curious about whether he had a girlfriend or not afterward in his previous life and whether he got married.

However, this was something even Han Zhuoli himself would not have the answer to.

He did not have memories from his previous life. Furthermore, he was 38 years old then, even older than he was now.

If he did not meet her in this life, he would not know what would have happened to him in the future, right?

There was no point in asking such questions about fate.

If he did not meet her, he would not know if he would have met another woman whom he liked.

However, didn’t he meet her first?

Lu Man felt really lucky that he met her.

If he had met another woman first, she would have really cried.

If that had been so, she would have been no different from the other women who would try to seduce him.

Meanwhile, he would have treated the girl he liked especially well and given all the indulgence he was giving her now to someone else, and he would have done it wholeheartedly, without any betrayal at all.

Thinking of this possibility made Lu Man unable to bear it.

Her heart felt heavy, and she exhaled.

Thank goodness, thank goodness.

She was the one who met Han Zhuoli first.

The person Han Zhuoli liked first was her.

Lu Man hugged Han Zhuoli tightly. “I don’t know if, in the future, you will meet another person who moves your heart more, to the point that it will make you regret meeting me first. Since your character doesn’t allow yourself to betray or be disloyal, you can only hide your feelings in your heart and regret it as both of you miss the chance to be together. However, I met you first, so you are mine. If you realize that you like someone else more, I won’t let go either.”

Han Zhuoli did not know why Lu Man felt so insecure tonight.

But it made his heart ache.

He too knew that Lu Man was acting like this because she really cared too much about him.

It was because she was deeply in love—that was why she would worry about losing him and let her thoughts run wild.

Han Zhuoli hugged her tight and said, “I can’t be sure what will happen in the future. Saying it will just mean that I’m pacifying you, so I won’t say it. But I can tell you that I definitely don’t do things that I will regret. I met you, liked you, and fell in love with you. I can very confidently tell myself that there will definitely not be another woman who attracts me as much as you do.”

Han Zhuoli chuckled. “Anyway, your question is wrong. It’s because I have you that I won’t take a second look at other women, let alone talk more with them. If I don’t even understand them, how could I possibly like another woman?”

He held Lu Man’s hand and put it over his heart. “It’s because you are already rooted in my heart.”

Lu Man’s heart gradually calmed down. She could not help but ask, “Then what if… I’m saying what if. If you hadn’t met me, and you remained single, and continued to be single for the next seven or eight years such that you reach an age where you really have to get married, will you go and get married then?”

“No,” Han Zhuoli replied without thinking.

“If I hadn’t met you, who was I supposed to have married? I waited for you for thirty years before I finally met you. If you didn’t appear and I still didn’t meet you in the next seven or eight years and I remained single, it would just show that aside from you, I still hadn’t met another girl that I like. Then who am I supposed to marry?”



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