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(A Tinge of Regret)

“If I wanted to marry just for the sake of marrying, I would have gotten married a long time ago. Why would I have waited until I’m 30? You won’t have been able to meet me. Even if you met me, I would be a married man. Then at that point, it would probably be like the situation you described. I love you but I can’t have you, leaving regrets in both of our hearts.

“I won’t betray my marriage, and you won’t stoop to the level of ruining another person’s marriage. You said it just now—perhaps I will meet someone better and will regret it. But I can tell you now that to me, you are the best. I will regret it only if I didn’t meet you. If I had met you at the wrong time, I would have regretted it even more,” Han Zhuoli said and smiled.

“It is precisely to avoid this kind of regret that I kept insisting not to get married until I met that person. I met you now. If you hadn’t appeared, I would not have been able to meet the person who could move my heart next time. Then I would probably not have gotten married, even if I’d have had to spend the rest of my life alone.” Han Zhuoli lightly pinched Lu Man’s nose and said, “I’m not an easygoing person.”

Lu Man remembered that in her previous life, he was still single at 38 years old. It was probably because he’d never met someone whom he liked, that was why he would rather remain single.

Or else, given Han Zhuoli’s temper, if he had a girlfriend, he would surely not have kept it a secret.

In her case, it was because he thought of her career that he did not publicize their relationship for so long. In reality, he’d had a hard time bearing with it.

Whoever it was that Han Zhuoli liked, he would definitely have publicized their relationship. He was the kind who would throw “dog food”[1] everywhere and let the whole world know he was in love.

Lu Man felt a little embarrassed and lowered her head as she blushed and said, “I’m just saying nonsense.”

“No, you’re not.” Han Zhuoli did not think so. He lowered his head and planted a kiss on her nose. “It’s because you care, that’s why you would think too much.

“I don’t know why you are so insecure today. It doesn’t seem to be entirely because of Lu Qi either.” Although, it did seem like Lu Man only reacted so strangely after Lu Qi’s incident today was mentioned.

Lu Man had been very confident all along.

No matter what happened, she always seemed to hold the pearl of wisdom.

He admired her a lot, but this made him feel as if he was not very useful occasionally.

He still very much enjoyed having her rely on him like this right now.

It was just that he could not bear for Lu Man to feel so anxious.

“But no matter what you are worried about, I can promise you that your worries will not come true.” Han Zhuoli hugged Lu Man in his arms, in a position that looked like he was trying to coax a child to sleep.

The two of them were not separated by any layer of clothing. They were completely intimate and enclosed in each other’s arms.

Even so, Han Zhuoli did not have any other thoughts on his mind right now, not even a hint of naughtiness. He just hugged her in an especially peaceful manner.

To give her a sense of security.

Warm water surrounded their bodies, and with Han Zhuoli hugging her firmly and securely, Lu Man’s heart finally felt secure.

Han Zhuoli lowered his head and planted a kiss on her forehead. He then looked for her nose and kissed it lightly, before landing one on her lips.

There was not a hint of any other meaning behind it. He simply wanted to make her feel secure and comfort her.

Light kisses rained on her lips, nose, forehead, the space between her eyebrows, her eyes, as well as the spaces beneath her eyes.

Only when Lu Man felt her whole face filled with Han Zhuoli’s breath did she hug Han Zhuoli around the neck and nest her head in its crook. She rested there comfortably, not wanting to let her thoughts run wild again.

Han Zhuoli said, “I will always, always be with you. I won’t ever regret this in this life. If I ever feel a tiny bit of regret in my heart, I will also have betrayed you.”

[1] Chinese slang for single people, dubbed “single dogs,” triggered by public displays of affection by couples.



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