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(Ex… Expecting?)

He wasn’t that insistent on having a child anyway. As long as Xia Qingwei’s fine, everything’s good.

Xia Qingwei nodded before remembering: “No, the in-laws are coming tomorrow!”

“They’re coming in the afternoon, we’re going in the morning. We’ll be back as soon as the checkup is done.” Wang Juhuai could not relax without going for an immediate checkup.

“Alright.” Xia Qingwei nodded.

“Sleep now. No matter what it is, it’s safer to rest early.” Wang Juhuai helped Xia Qingwei lie down and embraced her.

In his arms, Xia Qingwei said softly, “I wish I’m really pregnant. While I’m still able to conceive and have a chance, I wish to give you a child.”

Wang Juhuai hugged Xia Qingwei. “Then we shall have a child. We’ll confirm it at the hospital tomorrow.”


The next day during breakfast, Xia Qingwei let slip that she was going to the hospital with Wang Juhuai.

“What’s wrong, Mom? Are you ill?” Lu Man asked in concern.

“It’s nothing, don’t worry. I’m just going to check if I’m expecting.” Xia Qingwei’s words stunned Lu Man, who couldn’t recover her wits for quite some time.

“Ex… Expecting? Is it the ‘expecting’ I’m thinking of?” Lu Man inquired, blinking.

“It’s not confirmed, we’re just going for a checkup. Who knows, I might just be imagining stuff.” Xia Qingwei smiled and said, “Currently, I’m not uncomfortable anywhere, just feeling the same as usual. There’s totally no feeling of being pregnant, so I think that I simply have to nurse my health. Don’t you be a worrywart like your dad.”

“Then I’ll go with you,” Lu Man said instantly; otherwise, she would keep worrying.

Xia Qingwei refused. “Although the in-laws said they’re coming over in the afternoon, what if they come earlier than planned? At least Zhuoli and you are at home to receive them. If only Zhuoli was here, how would it look like? You should be at home preparing food for the guests.”

“Relax,” Wang Juhuai said with a smile. “I’m accompanying your mom. I’ll notify you immediately once the result is out.”

Lu Man nodded. She could only agree.

As Wang Juhuai and Xia Qingwei set off for Chu Tian, Han Zhuoli called Chu Zhaoyang to ask him to get prepared beforehand.

This was to prevent the scenario where no one knew they were coming and the couple would have to queue for their turn.

Chu Zhaoyang arranged for them a famous gynecologist in their hospital. Though the gynecologist had no specific titles like the Head of Department or something, he had no need for such formal and empty addresses, for he was truly impressive and had real skills.

The number of people who booked him far surpassed those of other Heads. Because of his popularity, he was extremely difficult to get.

Fortunately, they had Chu Zhaoyang, who especially had Doctor Li empty a slot for Xia Qingwei.

Xia Qingwei mentioned that her period was five days late. “Including today, that’s six days late.”

“It’s always been punctual in the past?” Doctor Li inquired.

“Yes. The maximum difference was a day; sometimes it was a day early, sometimes it was a day late. It’s never been this late before,” Xia Qingwei said.

“What about other areas? Do you feel different from usual anywhere?” Doctor Li asked.

Xia Qingwei shook her head. “No, there are no other discomforts. It was also a sudden realization that my period was late, I didn’t notice before.”

Xia Qingwei queried, “Could it be menopause?”

Doctor Li smiled. “Of course, that can’t be excluded. But you’re still young, the menopausal age for modern women nowadays has been pushed forward over the years. Generally, as long as women take care of their bodies, menopause wouldn’t come that quickly. But we still have to check first.”



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