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(Setting a Trap for Han Zhuoli)

Lu Man: “…”

How to choose?

It was impossible for her to hold the phone and let him bathe her.

However, she would feel even more embarrassed to bathe herself in front of him, especially when there were many parts that were especially private.

Han Zhuoli chuckled. He held the phone in one hand and said, “Why don’t I hold the phone in one hand and bathe you with the other hand?”

As he said that, his hand was already reaching over.

“Don’t, don’t, don’t!” Lu Man immediately stopped him. “You just take the phone, I’ll bathe myself.”

Anyway, if she turned her back against Han Zhuoli, Han Zhuoli might not be able to see.

Han Zhuoli searched on Lu Man’s phone as he asked, “Where’s the recording?”

Lu Man found it, and Han Zhuoli started playing it then put the phone aside as he focused on watching Lu Man bathe.

Lu Man: “…”

She suddenly felt uneasy.

Han Zhuoli’s pose was… way too comfortable!

If he rested his chin on her shoulder, he would be able to see her in full view.

Lu Man instantly felt embarrassed.

She covered herself shyly and said, “Stop looking!”

“Shh!” Han Zhuoli placed his index finger against her lips as he said, “The recording is starting.”

Indeed, the sound of Lu Qi’s voice rang out from Lu Man’s phone.

After listening to it for a while, she roughly knew what would happen afterward, so Lu Man did not want to listen to it anymore.

Even if she wanted to confirm it, she would wait until Han Zhuoli was not around.

Lu Man immediately turned off the recording.

“You don’t want to listen anymore?” Han Zhuoli asked.

“No.” Lu Man turned and raised her eyebrows at him as she said, “Why, you still want to listen to it?”

Han Zhuoli chuckled. “Why would I listen to hers? It’s not even nice. Yours sounds nicer.”

Lu Man: “…”

This man was getting more and more shameless. She was no match for him.

“Then is mine nicer or are other women’s nicer?” Lu Man had the naughty idea of setting a trap for Han Zhuoli to fall in.

Han Zhuoli pinched the tip of her nose without holding back. “What other women! You still want to set a trap for me? They don’t exist!”

Lu Man hugged one of Han Zhuoli’s raised legs, as if she was hugging a pillow.

Both sides of Han Zhuoli’s knees happened to feel her softness, making Han Zhuoli a little restless.

Lu Man did not feel anything at the moment and even used his knee to support herself and rested the side of her face comfortably on his knee.

“Tell me honestly. Before meeting me, did you have a girlfriend or not? Or were there those kinds of women you had one night stands with?” Lu Man asked.

Lu Man thought about it. In her previous life, she never heard of any news about Han Zhuoli’s love life.

Up until her death, she did not hear any news of his marriage. As for whether he had a girlfriend or not, she really would not know.

She thought that she definitely would not mind at first and that there was no point talking about the past.

Sometimes, when she saw other people complaining about how their girlfriend liked to ask about their ex-girlfriends, she could not quite understand it either.

As long as the person he loved was herself, that would be good enough. Why bother talking about the past?

However, she kind of understood now.

If Han Zhuoli had had a girlfriend in the past, or any woman whom he had a casual romance with, she would really be very jealous.

She loved this man, so she wanted him to herself. She did not want his past to be shared by others either.

However, when she considered it, such thoughts seemed quite unfair to Han Zhuoli.

After all, she was also someone who had an ex-boyfriend.

Although nothing much came out between her and He Zhengbai, both of them did have a past relationship.

Han Zhuoli suddenly held her by the waist and turned her around to face himself.

She was resting against his propped up knee at first, so her body was slanted towards him. This made it very easy for him to turn her around.



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