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(How Did It End Up on Him)

“These schedules are really not very important matters. Compared to being the judge of a grand film festival, these matters are way too obscure. If he gave up on being a judge just to attend to these matters, it’s really strange and unusual.”

Although they were not sure how true the news was, some netizens came out to say, “I went to verify with the partners written on his schedule. This schedule is real.”

When Liang Chengbing saw the torch being thrown on him, he almost became dumbstruck.

How did it end up on him?!

Before he struck, Liang Chengbing also contacted professionals so that he could proceed with the slandering step by step.

Of course, he could not fight a war without making preparations.

Right now, Li Yibo, the person he hired to be in charge of the public relations department in his studio, was in Liang Chengbing’s office.

When Li Yibo saw the sudden turn of events, he said, “This was definitely done by Lu Man. By changing the subject to you, she managed to extract herself from this. Look, there are no longer many netizens talking about Lu Man. Instead, they are all talking about you now.”

“You don’t say!” Liang Chengbing said curtly. “Even I know that this was definitely done by Lu Man. Aside from her, no one else would be so evil!”

Funny how Liang Chengbing himself did an evil thing first, yet he was scolding Lu Man for being evil now.

“Then what do we do now? So many people are questioning me about this. Are we just going to let Lu Man escape?” Liang Chengbing could not take it lying down. “In the end, I am the one in trouble, yet she got nothing on her at all?”

Li Yibo thought about it and said, “We can’t. Didn’t she change the topic to you? We can just change the topic back. We can increase the intensity of the paid posters. A lot of the netizens are commenting on you right now. Then we can let the paid posters come and overpower their voices, such that the topic is once again shifted back to Lu Man.”

“Good. Let’s do it, then!”

At this moment, on Lu Man’s side, she saw that Sun Yiwu had sent a message calling for her.

The moment she opened the message, Ji Cheng was in there too.

“Uncle Sun, Brother Ji,” Lu Man replied to them and guessed that it had something to do with the discussions online.

Indeed, Sun Yiwu said, “Man Man, you know about the topics online, right?”

Seeing a whole bunch of people talking about Liang Chengbing, Sun Yiwu was 80-90% sure that this was done by Lu Man.

“Yeah, I know about it. I am settling it now.” The moment Lu Man said this, Sun Yiwu knew he had guessed correctly.

“I’m just asking, do you want us to come out and testify for you?” Sun Yiwu asked. “I saw that Eight Skin Entertainment had exposed the real reason why Liang Chengbing was removed from the panel of judges. However, you guys definitely won’t be able to bring out solid proof. Gao Zishan and the rest will definitely not come out to say anything.”

“It’s no issue. Please don’t come out and speak. Tell Brother Ji not to come out and speak either. I still have to tell Zhiqing about this too. There are two different groups of people slandering me right now. One of them, I am very sure, is Liang Chengbing. The other group, I am still finding out. So I am dealing with Liang Chengbing first. Liang Chengbing said all these about me without any evidence at all. He is just slandering me. Then I can also accuse him without any proof. Furthermore, I had his work schedule uploaded afterward. It’s already pretty good as an indirect proof. You guys don’t need to come out again. I don’t want to drag you guys into this mess.”

At first, Sun Yiwu and the rest were on good terms with her and were judges as well, so the issue was already a bit more sensitive. If they came out at this time, it would be very easy for other people to accuse them as well.

Sun Yiwu also knew that and said, “You do what you deem fit first. If you need us, just let us know.”

“Alright.” Lu Man did not stand on formalities with him either.



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