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(Have Too Much Time on Your Hands)

“But will you be able to resolve it on your end?” Yan Zhiqing asked as she raised her eyebrow gloatingly at Mou Danqiong.

Lu Man was really giving her pride right now!

“Don’t worry, I know my limits. Anyway, I have Zhuoli supporting me as well. No matter how much of a ruckus they make, they won’t be a match for Zhuoli.” Lu Man was very confident. “I already told Uncle Sun and Older Brother Ji not to come out and speak as well. If there’s someone who wants to drag you all in, rest assured, I’m here. I will definitely not let anyone drag you all into this.”

“Alright, I got it.” Yan Zhiqing smiled and said, “But if you need my help, just let me know. You know me, I never care about what those people say.”

“Alright. Don’t worry,” Lu Man said as she smiled.

Yan Zhiqing ended the call and smiled gloatingly at Mou Danqiong. “What now, Elder Sister Mou? I was right, wasn’t I? Lu Man wasn’t calling me to ask for help at all.”

Mou Danqiong was very surprised too. She did not expect that she would have guessed wrongly.

Yan Zhiqing laughed. “We have to do as we said earlier on. In such situations in the future, you cannot interfere with what I do.”

How could Mou Danqiong have known that Lu Man would be different from other people? She’d agreed on this bet totally because she thought that she could win.

There was no choice. Mou Danqiong could only unwillingly agree to it.


On this side, Han Zhuoli directly contacted Ke Kebo.

“Mr. Ke,” Han Zhuoli said.

Ke Kebo immediately tensed up as he replied, “Young Master Han, you called me… What is it for?”

“You still don’t know about the negative rumors about Lu Man online?” Han Zhuoli asked him back coldly.

“Ah, this… I just heard about this. I didn’t have time to react to it,” Ke Kebo immediately said. “As for Lu Man’s matter, we will immediately release an official explanation.”

“Lu Man’s matter is of secondary importance. The most important problem now is Liang Chengbing,” Han Zhuoli said plainly.

Ke Kebo paused for a moment, confused. “What has this got to do with Liang Chengbing? I read the discussions about Liang Chengbing. Could this have an impact on Lu Man?”

To be honest, Ke Kebo did not want to offend Han Zhuoli, but he did not want to offend Liang Chengbing just like that either.

Previously, when he revoked Liang Chengbing’s position as judge, the public announcement released by the organizers of the film festival did enough to give Liang Chengbing face. This was precisely because he did not want to completely break their ties and sever their relationship.

Han Zhuoli did not beat around the bush with him. “One group of people slandering Lu Man right now is instructed by Liang Chengbing. I cannot let Lu Man get bullied by him for nothing.”

Ke Kebo immediately felt his teeth hurting.

Did this Liang Chengbing have too much time on his hands?!

He already knew of Lu Man’s relationship with Han Zhuoli, so he should have clutched his tail and lived his life quietly since he had already offended Lu Man.

Even if he did not apologize to Lu Man, he should at least have tried to be an invisible person and lowered his presence.

Did he not see how people like Zhang Lun and Wang Shuyi have all gone silent?

He, Liang Chengbing, was still making a scene as if he was having fun from it!

Even without Han Zhuoli’s call, Ke Kebo also knew that Liang Chengbing had hired paid posters.

Did he really think that if he did not come out to speak himself, no one would know that he was the one who did it?

Liang Chengbing really treated other people like fools.

Ke Kebo was troubled. He could not help Liang Chengbing this time around either.

It looked like he could only choose between Han Zhuoli and Liang Chengbing.

Then he would definitely choose Han Zhuoli!

“What does Young Master Han want me to do, then?” Ke Kebo asked.

“It’s nothing difficult,” Han Zhuoli said. “I just want you, as the organizers, to announce the real reason why Liang Chengbing had been removed from his position as a judge.”



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