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“Just as well, I’m busy during this period and have little time to spend with you. We’ll eat together later on, and after dinner, all my time is yours.” He Zhengbai made himself sound hoarse and sexy.

Lu Qi was delighted, her eyes shining with desire.

However, she said, “I really have an urgent matter so I’m going to look for you. When we’re done, I’ll wait for you near your office and won’t disturb you until you’re done with work.”

He Zhengbai pursed his lips in annoyance and looked at the woman in his arms. Pushing her away, he said, “Okay, come over.”

After he hung up, the woman looked at him petulantly. “You asked me to come, now you’re asking me to go?”

He Zhengbai squeezed her cheeks, saying, “Just let it be for today. I had no idea she’d come suddenly. I’ll find you tomorrow.”

The woman pouted unhappily.

He Zhengbai laughed. “Don’t pout so. I’ve been spending all my time with you, just one day makes no difference.”

“Alright.” The woman relented, hearing this. “I’ll forgive you this time, seeing that you’ve been accompanying me. Don’t you dare send me away next time.”

The woman walked over and grabbed He Zhengbai’s hand, pulling it over to her body. “I’m already like this.”

He Zhengbai chuckled. “Understood. I’ll make sure you can’t walk tomorrow.”

The woman smirked in return before pecking him on the lips. Rearranging her clothes properly, she then left the room completely unashamed.

The employees in He Zhengbai’s office were used to such scenes already.

What’s more, she’s not the only woman.

He Zhengbai’s actions were nothing new either.


When Lu Qi arrived, He Zhengbai’s employees all looked towards her with ridicule in their eyes.

Lu Qi always came in high spirits with her nose stuck high up in the air.

Alas, she was always looked down upon as a joke by the workers, yet she had never noticed.

She thought that the eyes that focused on her every time she walked through the door were ones that were looking up to her and envying her.

Lu Qi knocked on the door and heard He Zhengbai’s voice. “Enter.”

Lu Qi went in and saw He Zhengbai hard at work behind his desk, dressed smartly and appropriately.

No slips or differences could be seen on He Zhengbai. One could never have thought that just half an hour ago, there was another woman sitting on his lap, about to do indescribable things with him.

At that time, He Zhengbai’s clothes had also been messed up, his blouse unbuttoned to the stomach.

But right now, he looked like a total gentleman again.

At this time, He Zhengbai raised his head and saw Lu Qi. He said, “You’re here. Give me a moment, I’m about done.”

As if he was really busy, he bent his head once more to deal with lord-knows-what business.

Lu Qi put on an understanding, good-girl front and sat on the sofa at the side.

He Zhengbai’s eyes flashed. The place where Lu Qi was sitting…

He sneered in his heart; the place was where he and the woman were about to do the deed.

Though Lu Qi interrupted and they hadn’t started, they’d been well on their way.

And now that Lu Qi was sitting there, dark and dirty thoughts stirred within He Zhengbai.

He Zhengbai put down the documents in his hands and walked towards Lu Qi.

He was roused by the woman just now, and seeing Lu Qi sitting there, he could not help fantasizing.

The flames of desire he’d put out with much difficulty flared again.

And Lu Qi’s here for the taking. How great.

“Zhengbai, you’re done?” Lu Qi lifted her head in delight.

Only to see He Zhengbai walking over. She knew what was going on upon seeing the expression on his face.

Every time He Zhengbai had the interest, he looked like this.

Lu Qi felt her mouth go dry; she hadn’t had this feeling with He Zhengbai for a long time.

Though both of them did sleep together recently, she felt that He Zhengbai was not fully immersed, not as engaged as in the beginning. He Zhengbai treated her flippantly, as if he was completing an assignment. There was a distinct lack of passion.

But her feelings for He Zhengbai never faded. It got even stronger with time.

As such, she felt anxious when she sensed the changes in He Zhengbai.

Who knew that the feelings would come back at this time?

He Zhengbai’s face was filled with lust. It was clear he wanted her badly.

Lu Qi heaved a sigh of relief. She had let her imagination run wild.

Based on how He Zhengbai was looking at her like he couldn’t wait to devour her, he was still obviously in love with her.

Lu Qi’s face flushed red, her body heating up. “Zhengbai…”

As she spoke, He Zhengbai grabbed her shoulders and kissed her, then took her hand with one of his to show how aroused he was.

Lu Qi blushed and panted, “This… this is your office, the people outside will hear.”

He Zhengbai’s office did not have good sound insulation.

The previous times Lu Qi came, the open office would ring with laughter during breaks every time the workers grew slightly louder, and she could hear them clearly inside.

He Zhengbai’s eyes flashed, his smile growing bigger. “But I can’t bear it anymore. I haven’t seen you for a few days. Give it to me, Qi Qi.”

Lu Qi was cajoled by He Zhengbai and lost her wits in a daze, only feeling that He Zhengbai liked her so much.

Slowly, she consented to He Zhengbai.

He Zhengbai smirked and pushed her onto the sofa.

He flipped her into many different positions—on her back, kneeling, or on him.

Thinking back to the incomplete portion with the woman on the sofa, he got more excited.

Lu Qi could not stop the sounds escaping from her, much less control her volume.

She had lost all her senses now, having long forgotten that she was in He Zhengbai’s office and that the sound-insulation was poor.

Her moans caused by He Zhengbai were all carried out into the office.

The male employees in the office got uncomfortable. Lu Qi was beautiful. No matter how out of favor she was now, she was still once an extremely popular celebrity.

One that could only be seen on TV and hardly in person.

Lu Qi’s out in the cold now, and that was the reason she turned up here frequently.

Even so, she still had an attractive body.

She did own a beauty worthy of a celebrity, and those artificial beauties were no match.

Her voice was good too. The sounds drifting out went straight into their bones.

Just a mere wall separating them, their boss enjoying a beauty inside while they were stuck outside listening, agitated and thirsty, but unable to see nor touch.

The male workers were all on the edge and wished desperately to go to the restroom to seek release.

All took out their phones and recorded Lu Qi’s voice secretly.

It wasn’t that they hated Lu Qi despite their constant mockery behind her back. That was only because Lu Qi was being played the fool by He Zhengbai, totally having no idea that He Zhengbai had countless women other than her and still feeling good about herself and looking down on them.

Their current actions had no conflict with their past discussions about her.

Though they could not really do anything to Lu Qi, they surely could fantasize, couldn’t they?

By now, a few of the male employees had the same idea to record Lu Qi’s voice so that they could listen to it as they find release at home.

A female colleague saw their actions and asked disdainfully, “What are you all gonna do with the recording?”

“Exactly like you thought,” a male colleague replied without a hint of modesty.

Perhaps they were affected by the sounds Lu Qi was producing—the male colleagues gradually displayed lecherous expressions, which disgusted their female coworkers.

Among them was a young lady called Chen Yiming.

She actually had a crush on a young lad sharing the office and often found excuses to interact with him.

But now, she saw that the guy was secretly recording Lu Qi’s voice as well.

Chen Yiming’s face froze in anger. She gritted her teeth as the sounds Lu Qi was shamelessly making kept drifting out.

Moreover, her volume was getting louder and becoming increasingly wanton.

It sounded as if she was crying but not—that feminine moans which would accelerate any man’s hearts but women would hate to hear.

Chen Yiming thought about it and secretly used her phone to record Lu Qi’s voice.

Obviously, it was not for her to listen to at home.

Since Lu Qi was so cheap, not caring that her shameless sounds were being heard by so many people, she surely wouldn’t mind having even more listeners.

As she was recording, she suddenly heard Lu Qi scream He Zhengbai’s name, along the lines of how he was so impressive and such. It was as if she was flattering him to satisfy his ego.

Because how many men were truly that great?

She just never thought that she could be so lucky as to record Lu Qi’s speaking voice.

It would make it more believable like this when it was uploaded to the Internet.

After a long time, the war inside the room finally ended.

Since Chen Yiming wanted to publicize it for Lu Qi, she had to be fully prepared.

She purposely looked at the time and wrote it down.

When Lu Qi came, she’d also noted the time.

Lu Qi entered He Zhengbai’s office and before long, Lu Qi started making those noises, so she could guess the approximate time they started.

She meticulously wrote them down in her phone’s Note app.

He Zhengbai got up. He had only unbuckled his belt during the whole process.

His shirt fell out of his pants, and He Zhengbai gracefully tucked it back in as he adjusted his clothes.

Lu Qi was still immersed in the sensation, not knowing what she had done.

She was currently naked on the sofa and soft as a noodle, a stark contrast to He Zhengbai’s fully clothed appearance.

It made her lack of self-respect even more apparent while He Zhengbai looked like he was insulting Lu Qi.

But Lu Qi failed to notice all of this. Her eyes were still half-closed and unfocused, her brain empty.

Even if she seemed to be looking at He Zhengbai, in actual fact, her eyes were seeing nothing.

As such, she missed the ridicule in He Zhengbai’s eyes when he glanced at her.

It was completely different from the intensity when he was sweating and actively working away on her.

The He Zhengbai right now organized himself, glancing at Lu Qi coolly.

There was no joy or remembrance from doing the deed; there was only boredom.

He looked at Lu Qi as if she was just a tool who threw herself at him and which he used for release.

As for Lu Qi, he had no feelings for her.

He Zhengbai went to get a glass of water as Lu Qi gradually got a sense of her surroundings once more.

She felt uncomfortable seeing that He Zhengbai was ignoring her.

She collected her discarded clothes on the floor silently and put them on before remembering that they were in his office.

Lu Qi grew ashen.

She recalled how she’d completely thrown all propriety out of the window during her passionate peak and how she’d shouted.

It wasn’t that she was all that innocent, based on how she usually dressed; when she was with He Zhengbai behind closed doors, she was extremely bold and open to any experience.

Her tactics were part of the reason He Zhengbai was seduced by her.

Lu Man not being liked by Lu Qiyuan was one, and Lu Man not letting He Zhengbai touch her was another.

He Zhengbai was a normal man, so he was obviously repressed and also felt that Lu Man was acting this way because she did not like him enough.

Add in Lu Qi’s seduction, and He Zhengbai easily fell into her embrace.

But he had not completely broken off with Lu Man.

Until he was pleasantly surprised by Lu Qi’s brazenness in bed. They gradually got bolder and bolder, and He Zhengbai then started drifting away from Lu Man and got together with Lu Qi.

It was precisely because she was always so vocal with He Zhengbai that she forgot that they were in his office and shouted as per usual encouragements such as “Zhengbai, you’re so strong” and “Zhengbai, you’re so good.”

Moreover, she’d always said it loudly and wantonly.

Now that she’d recovered her senses, she then realized that all the sounds she made and words she said were surely heard by the people outside.

Lu Qi instantly felt like she could die of regret.

She was so out of her mind just now that she also forgot all semblance of control.

When she was done tidying her clothes, Lu Qi blushed, her eyes sparkling with a little bit of tears. She threw He Zhengbai a look of shyness and mock anger, grumbling, “The people outside must have heard us.”

She flushed red as she covered her ears and shook her head, eyes a little red-rimmed, looking aggrieved.

If it were during their early days together, He Zhengbai wouldn’t have borne it and immediately would have coaxed her.

But they were together for a long time now, and He Zhengbai had long been sick of her already.

And he also knew Lu Qi’s tricks too well.

Seeing her acting now, He Zhengbai did not feel any love and care, and he was totally devoid of the inclination to comfort her. He even felt like laughing.

Who was she putting on an act for?

He Zhengbai said cooly, “It’s okay. So what if the people outside heard you? They wouldn’t dare to spread it and wouldn’t dare to disrespect you. You just have to pretend that they’re not people and ignore them.”

Lu Qi choked; she was all ready to curl into He Zhengbai’s embrace. Who knew this sentence would pop out instead?

Lu Qi’s face fell and she asked unhappily, “Zhengbai, what’s wrong with you recently? You’ve been treating me rather coldly.”

He did not even care that they were overheard by the people outside during their throes of passion.

A thought flashed in Lu Qi’s mind. Had he really cared, he wouldn’t have let anyone else hear or know what they were doing.

Lu Qi could not help but think of Han Zhuoli, who chose to keep his relationship under wraps in consideration of Lu Man’s career, just to protect her and not let people gossip after Lu Man’s success.



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