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(Release of the Top Ten Results)

“Classic X Files posted on its official Weibo!” a netizen exclaimed.

Everyone went to take a look and saw that the official Classic X Files account had uploaded the times when Lu Man came for filming.

“Lu Man did not neglect her studies,” the Classic X Files official account wrote.

Lu Dongliu reposted this Weibo.

Lu Man’s fans were in glee. “Look, even the official account has released the timing. What do others have to say? Liang Chengbing’s just a low-class anti-fan!”

“Hahahaha, the production team’s proving haters wrong.”

“Pitying Liang Chengbing lolol. Got thrashed before by Classic X Files who’d rather invite Lu Man over him, and got thrashed again this time by the production team. Oh, Liang Chengbing, why do you do this to yourself?”

“Look, Lu Man’s class counselor has spoken!” a netizen said.

Everyone clicked into Teacher Liang’s Weibo main page, and her personal authentication clearly stated that she was a teacher at the National Film Academy.

Teacher Liang wrote, “I’m a counselor in Lu Man’s class, and Lu Man will approach me if she needs to apply for leave. I can be a witness that the number of times Lu Man has applied for leave is fewer than that of her classmates. Unless she had especially important private affairs, she wouldn’t otherwise apply for leave. And the one and only time she did so was so she could go filming for a program, the reason for which she explicitly told me. It was for the season finale of Classic X Files, which I had personally encouraged Lu Man to attend.”

“See, the counselor herself has spoken. What are the others dissing about?! They really have too much time on their hands.”

“Likely because Lu Man’s Han Zhuoli’s wife, so she’s buttering her up.”

“Haha, what dark thoughts you have, the person above. What kind of life have you experienced?”

“Being fair means currying favor? What type of person are you?! So insistent on criticizing Lu Man, what’s up can become down and left become right with your tongues.”

“Honestly, it’s also because Lu Man has done things that have set tongues wagging. If she did not go beyond her role as a student and just attended class dutifully, would she have given the chance for others to speak about her? Alright, even if she was relatively low-key this year, let’s not forget the ruckus she created during her first year, plus the long break she applied for to go filming.”

“Person above has nothing else to diss about, do you? Still bringing up stuff from her freshman year. Pretty sure the current topic is raised due to Lu Man’s exam results. But Lu Man scored first for her first-year finals. Don’t forget, Lu Man only started in the second semester, a whole semester less than her classmates. Even when she left for filming, she’d still managed to rank first. What’s there to criticize her about?”

“The National Film Academy has released a statement too.”

Everyone saw that the National Film Academy had reposted Teacher Liang’s Weibo, with the same stance as Teacher Liang, saying that Lu Man did not apply for leave for many days for filming during her freshman and sophomore years.

The one time she went on leave for private affairs was for her honeymoon and had reported to school a week late. But this was nothing for a typical student.

“You can’t judge her differently just because she’s Lu Man. If you insist on Lu Man going to school on time just like other students, then you’ve got to allow her to apply for leave for reasonable causes just like other students!”

“That’s right!”


The National Film Academy wrote: “The results for this year are out. We planned to release it during the end of the holidays after the announcement, but since everyone is so curious, we shall now release the top ten results. Please give us a moment.”

There were still some salty netizens. “The National Film Academy really backs Lu Man, eh? As long as there’s some incident, they’ll speak up for her immediately. Do other students receive such treatment too?”



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