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(Still Like It Best with You by My Side)

“It’s something to be happy about!” Wang Juhuai said gaily. “You guys are not going and we can be a full family. When Zhuoli comes later tonight, I’ll have a few drinks with him to celebrate.”

When Han Zhuoli came that night, Wang Juhuai looked around the table. With his wife, daughter, and son-in-law, it was far more lively than when he was in the US.

This truly is family.

Old Mr. and Mrs. Han, Han Zhuoli’s parents, Lin Liye, and the others were coming over tomorrow for housewarming.

Because of that, Lu Man and Han Zhuoli decided to stay.

And this was the first day after Wang Juhuai and Xia Qingwei had moved.

When Wang Juhuai was discussing with the designer, he had already planned out Lu Man’s room, and even the nursery for her kids.

At that time, Lu Man was not that close to him and, afraid that Lu Man might misunderstand his intentions as trying to get close to her, he had even asked Xia Qingwei to ask her.

He finished the design only after finding out Lu Man’s preferences.

Lu Man and Han Zhuoli returned to her room and realized that it was really suited to her tastes.

Wang Juhuai was so considerate as to place the nursery room for her future children right next to their bedroom.

And the two rooms were also separated by a door.

Lu Man opened the connecting door and walked into the nursery, Han Zhuoli following behind.

Only to see that the crib, pram, rocking horse, and numerous other toys were already prepared.

Han Zhuoli laughed, speaking lowly, “Father-in-law seems really eager for us to have a kid, already preparing everything in advance.”

Lu Man hooked Han Zhuoli’s finger. “Since I won’t be going to New York in my junior year, shouldn’t we start preparing now?”

Hearing this, Han Zhuoli perked up. “I’ll ask Chu Tian’s doctor tomorrow and set a plan. Ask what we need to take note of during this period, what we need for nourishment, and we’ll follow that. I don’t smoke anyway, and if we shouldn’t be drinking during this time, then I won’t.”

Seeing how serious he was, Lu Man laughed. “Alright, then, I’ll also take note. I won’t be taking on new roles during this period, nor any variety programs unless necessary. I’ll just concentrate on preparing for pregnancy.”

As the couple was chatting about conceiving, on the other side, Xia Qingwei had also done packing and got into bed. Lying against the headboard, she was leaning shoulder-to-shoulder against Wang Juhuai.

Wang Juhuai originally had his eyes closed, contemplating about music. Now that Xia Qingwei was here, he set aside his work and turned to look at her.

Xia Qingwei took in the decorations of the bedroom; she hadn’t had the time to do so in the day.

Done, she looked at Wang Juhuai. This was truly their house, and it was to be passed on to the children and grandchildren of Lu Man.

Gradually, this house would have more and more occupants and become increasingly lively.

She had nothing to be dissatisfied about to be able to gain so much at this age.

“You like it?” Wang Juhuai asked as he smiled.

“I love it.” Xia Qingwei grabbed Wang Juhuai’s hands. “But I still like it best with you by my side. As long as you’re with me, anywhere is fine with me.”

“Me too.” Wang Juhuai moved his arms to wrap them around Xia Qingwei’s shoulders and hugged her to him. “Tonight during dinner, I was thinking that this was bliss. Our family together, prosperous and lively. The size of the house doesn’t matter. It wouldn’t feel cold and empty. We can hear everyone speaking no matter where we are, it’s so jolly.”



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