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(All Afraid of Offending Han Zhuoli)

Cuts of the footage featured the scenes where Liang Chengbing had opined how Lu Man would not get the Best Actress, Best Supporting Female Lead, and Best Newcomer Awards.

“This was Director Liang himself who said it. As he’s a famous and experienced director, his judgment of actors should be accurate, right?!”

“C’mon, who doesn’t know that Liang Chengbing and Lu Man had a feud? He simply dislikes Lu Man and just wants to abuse his authority to get back at her.”

“Sure, but why don’t you think about why there are so many people who have a feud with your Lu Man? Probably time to do some soul-searching on Lu Man’s part, eh?”

Meanwhile, Liang Chengbing was elated when he saw that Lu Man had suddenly fallen out of favor with the public.

As a director, he had his own connections, so he seized the chance to contact studios and paid posters to start crazily smearing Lu Man’s name.

He did not know who the people who first started sullying Lu Man’s reputation were. After all, there were quite a few people whom Lu Man had offended before.

However, because she had gone public about her relationship with Han Zhuoli, her enemies would not dare to come out openly to smear Lu Man’s name no matter how brave they were.

They were all scared of offending Han Zhuoli!

Hence, the mastermind controlling the people smearing Lu Man’s name behind the scenes this time was definitely one of Lu Man’s enemies.

Liang Chengbing even thought gloatingly that it would be best if there were several waves of malicious comments directed towards Lu Man. After all, there were quite a lot of people whom Lu Man had offended.

Lu Man had indeed been caught off guard by the malicious comments. Han Zhuoli was by her side and immediately pulled Lu Man over to look at the same phone as her.

Of course, he understood what the whole thing was about by looking at it.

Before waiting for Lu Man to say anything, Han Zhuoli had already called Zheng Tianming and asked him to find out who the mastermind was hiring paid posters to smear Lu Man’s name.

Meanwhile, Lu Man glanced through the famous accounts sharing such topics and realized that Eight Skin Entertainment seemed to be missing.

She could continue working on good terms with Eight Skin Entertainment, then.

As for those accounts she had once worked with but totally disregarded their past work relations and focused solely on garnering likes and viewership, Lu Man also took screenshots and noted down these accounts.

There was no chance that these accounts would still be working with her.

Very soon, Zheng Tianming replied.

After Han Zhuoli finished listening to him, he said to Lu Man, “The wave of comments posting Liang Chengbing’s videos originated from Liang Chengbing’s studio and the paid posters he hired. As for the very first wave, they are a little more discreet, so we still need to dig more.”

Lu Man nodded. It was enough that they found out Liang Chengbing first.

She would start with Liang Chengbing, then.

Lu Man also had a familiar studio she was working with and called them.

Lu Man’s strategy of knocking out those who smeared her name was very simple. She would keep the topic on herself but skew the conversation a little.

Not long after, a new thread of discussions appeared online.

“If Lu Man really got the Best Newcomer Award by pulling strings, why would she even get the Best Newcomer Award?! If what you guys said were true, that Han Zhuoli had so much influence internally, she might as well have won the Best Actress Award, right? Or if not that, a Best Supporting Female Lead Award would have been good as well. These two awards are both worth much more than the Best Newcomer Award.”

“What the person above said is true. The duration of the Fei Yue International Film Festival is not very long on its own. The Best Newcomer Award is also a new award during this year’s festival. The effect of it, whether the award will be continued and the level of recognition granted by outsiders to this award, also remains to be seen. You think, with Lu Man’s brains, she won’t be able to think of this? If she wanted to plate herself in gold, she should at least have gotten the Best Supporting Female Lead Award. What’s the point of playing around with a Best Newcomer Award? Only some people would think it’s oh-so-important.”



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