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(Don’t Believe She Won’t Be Able to Wait for Him)

“Haha.” Zheng Tianming forced out a laugh. “Having face is a good thing, but don’t let it be too big.”

Lu Qi had been mocked by Zheng Tianming until her face turned green and pale. Even if she thought that Han Zhuoli sent Zheng Tianming over because she was important to him, she would not think so now.

Ever since Zheng Tianming came, he had been behaving in a strange manner. He did not respect her at all and even made sarcastic remarks to her.

“Zheng Tianming!” Lu Qi screamed in rage. “Does my brother-in-law know that you’re giving me such attitude?”

Zheng Tianming was utterly disgusted and turned off by Lu Qi. She was even addicted to saying “Brother-in-law” now.

“You really think you have such a big face,” Zheng Tianming said disdainfully. “You can go and complain to your ‘Brother-in-law’ and see if my attitude is appropriate or not in the CEO’s eyes.”

Zheng Tianming looked at Lu Qi disdainfully. “I will tell the CEO exactly all that you have said, including what you have just questioned me about. As for whether your wish will come true, I can only wish you good luck.”

“How will I know if you really said it or not?” Lu Qi did not believe him.

Seeing Zheng Tianming’s attitude towards her, it was clear to her that he was on Lu Man’s side.

He kept saying “Mrs. CEO,” making it sound so intimate.

What if he did not convey her wishes to Han Zhuoli just because he wanted to help Lu Man?

“I will say it because this is my duty. I don’t have the right to make decisions for the CEO’s own matters. It’s just like you coming here today. I know very well that the CEO will definitely not come and meet you, yet I still have to report it to him,” Zheng Tianming said coldly. “Of course, if you don’t believe me, there’s nothing I can do either. You can only hope that I will tell CEO everything as it is.”

When Zheng Tianming finished talking, he called the security officer over and said, “Next time, when this lady comes, don’t let her come in. The space outside the entrance does not belong to the Han Corporation, so let her be, but she cannot step in here.”

“Understood,” the security officer immediately said.

In front of Zheng Tianming, he said to Lu Qi, “Ma’am, this way please.”

Lu Qi refused to give up and insisted, “I want to meet Brother-in-law. Just let me meet him once and it will be enough. I want to speak to him personally!”

Zheng Tianming seriously had had enough of Lu Qi’s nonsense. He waved to the security officer and walked off first.

Lu Qi wanted to chase after him but was stopped by the security officer.

As there was a difference between men and women, the security officer did not really dare to touch Lu Qi, in case he invited unnecessary trouble for himself.

However, he stretched out his arm and refused to let her pass.

Afterward, two more security officers came and the three of them surrounded Lu Qi, making it hard for her to step forward.

“Ms. Lu, please leave. Or else we will have to offend you,” one of the security officers said.

No matter how shameless Lu Qi was, she did not want to stay here and make a scene. She could only walk out of the Han Corporation’s entrance reluctantly. However, she refused to give up and went to wait in her car.

Han Zhuoli had to get off work, right?!

She did not believe she would not be able to catch him!

On this end, Zheng Tianming returned to Han Zhuoli’s office and told him everything as it was.

It was just like what he had told Lu Qi. He did not hide what his attitude was like towards Lu Qi either.

Han Zhuoli naturally would not hold it against Zheng Tianming. He even praised him and said, “Not bad.”

Zheng Tianming then went back to work.

Now that Han Zhuoli knew of Lu Qi’s thoughts, he surely would not let her get her way.

When Han Zhuoli got off work and came out of the company, he took a roundabout route and walked to the parking lot.

The moment he entered the parking lot and walked towards his car, Lu Qi saw him and immediately got out of her own car and ran over.



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