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(Malicious Discussions)

Lu Man immediately stopped him and said, “Hey, I just walked for the whole day.”

She walked around the whole day and had worn her shoes for the whole day. How dirty her feet would be.

Seeing his slender, beautiful jade-like hands, she especially felt even more embarrassed over having her feet held by him like that.

However, Han Zhuoli held her feet in his hands, making her feet seem so petite.

Her legs were small and slender, smooth and fair. Even her toenails were pink.

Only Lu Man thought bad of it. However, Han Zhuoli did not think it was inappropriate at all.

He used his thumb to slowly press and massage Lu Man’s soles.

After walking for a long time, Lu Man could feel her feet becoming a little swollen even though it was not visibly obvious.

Now that Han Zhuoli had massaged her feet a few times, she could feel her feet relaxing.

Just as Lu Man was about to doze off from the comforting massage, Hu Zhonghui called her.

“Xiao Hui,” Lu Man answered.

“Lu Man, you should go online and take a look right now,” Hu Zhonghui said. “There is suddenly a huge wave of malicious discussions targeted at you. They said that you got the Best Newcomer Award all because of Young Master Han and of internal manipulation. I don’t know who started this, but comments like this suddenly surged at the same time and are overwhelming. Many famous verified accounts in the entertainment industry are also spreading the posts.”

Lu Man opened it and saw that there were indeed some famous accounts in the entertainment industry who’d shared the posts. Some of them had even worked with her before.

With these accounts, some netizens even commented and said, “Previously, during The Performer and the Chinese Arts Championships, Lu Man had been saying that she could not stand internal manipulations. In the end, she herself got the Best Newcomer Award because of her man. This is really disgusting.”

“She kept saying that Han Zhuoli did not help her, but how is it possible that he didn’t? I for one don’t believe that Lu Man relied on her own capabilities rather than on Han Zhuoli.”

Lu Man’s fans were upset and retorted, “You MMQBs[1] are really funny, huh? When you didn’t know anything previously and saw Lu Man’s achievements, why didn’t you suspect anything then? Now, people only disclosed the fact that they are husband and wife and there you guys are being all sour about it. You guys really hate to see that others are doing well.”

“But the truth is right there. Back then, for the showtimes of Fighting Hero and Attack Force, wasn’t the Han Corporation the one that pressured them until their films were cut? If not for that, how could Lu Man have gotten such a good win?”

“That’s a separate issue. Han Zhuoli is her husband. Back then, Zhang Lun and the others fell out with Lu Man. What’s wrong with a husband supporting his wife? But that’s not related to the film festival this time around, right? The award prioritizes acting skills, not those achievements Lu Man got in the past. If you guys are talking about the showtime issue, it is indeed Han Zhuoli who helped her. However, now that Lu Man has won an award, you guys also said that it’s because of Han Zhuoli. Where’s your proof?”

“Proof? The situation is so obvious. What’s there to prove? Let’s not talk about the many other actors who are more outstanding than Lu Man but did not get nominated. Within the nominated list, which of them is worse than Lu Man? Be it Qiao Luna, Jiang Yuhan, Chang Yachen, or Fu Kaiqi, all of them are not any worse than Lu Man. They have outstanding acting skills, their roles stand out, and so do their characters. Why should the award just go to Lu Man? You’re telling me Han Zhuoli was not involved? I don’t believe it.”

“What you think doesn’t determine the facts on this. Who do you think you are? You think whatever you say is right? Do you have to insist that Lu Man won the award by walking the back door just because you don’t believe she didn’t?”

Lu Man was scrolling through these comments when suddenly, the video of Liang Chengbing’s interview a few days earlier got drawn into the discussion.

[1] Monday morning quarterbacks



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